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Mr. Razaghi Open letter to Ambassador Dritan Tola of Albania

Dear Excellency,

I am Mohammad Razaghi. I have been a member of the Mojahedin Khalq (Rajavi cult) for about 20 years, spending the best years of my life in the military camps of Saddam Hussein and Massoud Rajavi under conditions of brainwashing and physical abuse. I can say from first-hand experience that Massoud Rajavi and Maryam Rajavi have created a new version of slavery in the camps which were gifted to them by Saddam Hussain, and have used the enslaved members for purely personal benefit.

We were imprisoned at their hands in their camps. Massoud and Maryam Rajavi were personally responsible for creating the rules and regulations, and these ‘laws’ were implemented by their henchmen against us. Unfortunately now even after the fall of the dictator of Iraq, Saddam, this practice is still ongoing. The enslaved hostages are not allowed to move freely and walk out of the camp (now Camp Liberty). They are not allowed to send or receive mails or emails to and from their families and friends.

The so-called ‘members’ are not allowed to talk about their problems. All they are allowed to say is what has been dictated by the leaders. They are forced to repeat this and not to say anything else.

Inside the cult, men and women are not allowed to have any normal human relationship with each other. On the other hand, private conversations between even two men or two women are forbidden and can be seen as “plotting” by the leaders and hence punishable.

Members have no right to decide for their own future and the leaders choose everything, even things like what they should eat, drink or wear, etc.

Dear Ambassador Tola,

I thank you and the government of Albania for your humanitarian efforts in accepting some of the members of this organisation which has removed these people away from the dangers of remaining in Iraq. Your government has demonstrated its commitment to human rights by taking this important step to save to lives of these unfortunate people.

But what we hear from Tirana is somehow disturbing. We hear that Maryam Rajavi is sending her top known agents from Paris and these agents, who are from her ‘Leadership Council’, are now trying to control the lives of the recently arrived people as they did in the Iraqi camps. The pressure on these survivors of Camp Liberty who are now in your country is constant.

The Rajavi cult leaders threaten the newly arrived people and do not let them come out of the camp so they are now still fully under cult control in Albania. People have to ask for permission and with acceptable reasons to get exit visas from the commanders.

Some of the well-known torturers of Saddam’s Private Army (MKO) like Hassan Ezati (aka Nariman) or Mokhtar Janat Sadeghi (aka Mokhtar) or Hooshang Doodkani, have now been sent to Albania. These people are trained by Saddam’s forces and are now using their expertise to make the newly arrived people to submit the leaders’ demands.

The names of some of the people who have lost their lives under torture in the prisons of Saddam and Rajavi at the hands of these henchmen are:

Gharban ali Torabi Killed under torture

Jalil Bozorgmehr killed under torture

Parviz Ahmadin killed under torture

Dear Ambassador Tola,

I am not the only victim of torture carried out on the direct order of Massoud and Maryam Rajavi in Saddam’s camps and at the hands of these torturers who are now stationed in Albania. I am asking you to allow us to attend a court of law in your country to present our claims and allow us to seek justice.

While I was imprisoned on the direct order of Rajavi, I also witnessed the torture and murder of others in these cells. I would like to have the opportunity to provide witness statements about these crimes.

I would also like to warn your government that this cult is certainly capable of ordering its members under the influence of drugs as well as brainwashing to carry out self-immolation or to burn others – as they demonstrated clearly in the streets of European capitals in 2003 where some of them lost their lives and several others were left permanently scarred and disabled.

I would also like to warn you that some of these people now in your county have received high level training in explosives from Saddam’s Republican Guards.

Dear Ambassador Tola,

I believe that the only solution to these threats is not to allow the cult leaders to continue keeping their hold on these people. (At the simplest level they keeping control of them by paying 500 dollars per month in exchange for their cooperation.) Otherwise you will face having a dangerous cult take root in your country.

I would like to say that I and my other friends with similar experiences are ready to give evidence in a court of law.

Yours sincerely,

Mohammad Razaghi



Interior Ministry of Albania

Foreign Ministry of Albania

Albanian Refuge Centre

UNHCR in Tirana

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