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Open letter of the Participants in Paris Great Gathering to US Ambassador in France

We urge you to put pressure on Mojahedin Khalq, aka: MKO, MEK, NCRI, Rajavi cult

 Dear Mr. Charles H. Rivkin

You may know that the leadership of PMOI, after blind and costly assassinations , escaped fromWe urge you to put pressure on Mojahedin Khalq, aka: MKO, MEK, NCRI, Rajavi cult Iran and he transferred his organization to Iraq territory which was in war with Iran at that time, and he began his military and terror apparatus again in Iraq with the assistance of Saddam Hussein, the dictator of Iraq.

That time Iraq was in war with Iran and as a result of the war , Saddam Hussein supported them financially and equipped them militarily and fed them by serious and confidential information, in return pmoi became Iraq’s Army mercenary and functioned as Iraq’s fifth column.

PMOI has preserved and kept its forces in a camp ,named Ashraf , which is an Iraqi military garrison ,close to city of KHALIS , and up to know no foreign viewer and proctor has succeeded to supervise their function and attitude regarding their subordinates and members , as a result of that they behave whatever they like and they ignore the basic rights of their forces.

During their staying in Iraq , there were members who did not want to continue cooperating with pmoi, so they separated from the organization , but there was a time that Rajavi decided not to allow any one to separate from the organization and he proclaimed that separation from the organization is equal to treason and deadly sin which the Human Rights Watch named it , Exit Prohibition , after Rajavi’s proclamation . Separation from this organization is almost impossible and even there is a chance that the person who wants to separate will face a great danger and even death threat.

Seven years ago , Saddam Hussein and his government was toppled , but even after the downfall of Saddam Hussein ,PMOI still act like before and there has not been any breakthrough in pmoi’s policy regarding separation of their members.

Your Excellency , with this preface we would like to draw your attention to this fact that we the backers and supporters of the Seminar , Support of the Rajavi’s castle victim’s families (Ashraf Garrison-Iraq) which occurred in Paris on 19th of June /2010, are separated and victimized members, critics and families of those stranded victims in Ashraf garrison who have a brother , sister, father or mother and friends in there who are under severe indoctrination and brain washing methods .We had been in the same situation as they are now ,but we could set ourselves free from all those indoctrinations and brain washing methods and fortunately we gained our freedom by separating ourselves from this organization, and now after gaining our freedom, together we want to help the other victims who are still kept in Ashraf Garrison and pmoi’s main headquarters in Paris .

Right now, there are around 3400 captivated people who have not seen or met other people outside of their garrison, and they have been deprived of getting in the city bus or taxi and they have not purchased anything from city stores and supermarkets for a long time. They have been deprived of having friends , family of their own and education and they have not had any communication with their loved ones and family since long time ago.

Few months ago , some of the victim’s family despite of serious life threat in Iraq , went to Iraq after many years to meet their loved ones, but the pmoi’s operatives and officials have prevented them of having any contact with their loved ones since their arrival, and pmoi’s officials have insulted those families as well as labeling them as Iranian intelligence service agents and they have denied their family connection with their loved ones in Ashraf garrison.

Your Excellency we , the families and friends and separated members urge you as honorable representative of United States government in France to step forward and put pressure on PMOI to allow the victim’s family to meet their loved ones and also we would like you to help Iraqi government to facilitate the families’meeting with their loved ones.

Preventing any meeting between families and their loved ones is a serious breach and violation of human rights.

We urge and entreat you to help us in this just and humanitarian matter .



1.Abas Sadeghi/Germany

2.Rana Samadzadeh Aghdam/Sweden

3. Maryam Ahmadi/Sweden

4. Hossein Samadzadeh Aghdam/Sweden

5. Ariya Abdollahi/Norway

6. Javad Abolhosseini/Netherlands

7. Alireza Bashiri/Norway

8.Batool Maleki/Switzerland

9.Massoud Jabani/ Netherlands

10.Mohammad Hossein Sobhani/Germany

11. Hadi Shams Haeri/Netherlands

12. Noshin Bashiri/Norway

13. Tovartan Babakhani/Netherlands

14. Tamin Abdollahi/Norway

15. Rabeae Shahrokhi/Sweden

16. Hashem Payro/Norway

17.Hamid Yazdanfar/Norway

18Jafar Ahmadi/Norway

19.Maryam Taheriyan Pajoh/Sweden

20.Mehdi Ahmadi/Sweden

21.Omid Ahmadi/ Sweden

22.Massoud Khodabandeh/England

23. Ayob Kord Rostami/Canada

24.Farshid Ahmadi/Sweden

25. Farid Armideh ,The son of Aliakbar Armideh/Sweden

26. Saeed Armideh ,The son of Aliakbar Armideh/Sweden

27.Mitra Yosefi/Sweden

28. Naser Rezvani/Sweden

29. Farshid Nazari/Norway

30. Farzad Farzinfar/SWeden

31. Nima Parniya/Norway

32. Anne Singleton/England

33. Saeed Khodabakhsh/Canada

34. Parvin Haji/Canada

35. Fereshteh Hosseini/Denmark

36. Parya Dabiryan/Greece

37. Hassan Faraji/Sweden

38. Omid Ariyapoor/ Norway

39. Faramarz Afshari/Greece

40. Elham Norouzi/Canada

41. Soheyla Norouzi/Canada

42. Babak A/France

43. Alireza Nasrollahi/France

44. Mostafa Mohammadi/Canada

45. Shan Kord Rostami/Canada

46. Marlen Kord Rostami/Canada

47. Bahareh Nikbakht/France

48. Hassan Piransar / France

49. Hamed Sarrafpour/France

50.Alireza Nabavi/Sweden

51. Anika Nabavi/Sweden

52.Sara Nabavi/sweden

53.Rohi Aslani/Sweden

54.Zahra Makari/Sweden

55. Kenar Jasem Ali/Netherlands

56. Horiyeh Mohammadi/Canada

57.Shirin Aghvami/Sweden

58. Zari Aghvami/Sweden

59. Mehri Nasiri/Sweden

60. Gholam Shirali/Norway

61. Habib Khorami/Netherlands

62. Marziyeh Gonjeshki/ Netherlands

63. Mahbobeh. Hamzeh /Canada

64.Narmin Jasem Ali/Netherlands

65. Zahra MOhammadi/Netherlands

66. Mohammad mohammadi/Canada

67. Morteza Mohammadi/Canada

68.Hamid Tavana /Netherlands

69. Mohammad harati/Netherlands

70. Tol Malavi

71. krigoriyan

72. Mohammad ellami

73. Khalil Taghavi/Netherlands

74. Mina Taghavi/Netherlands

75. Karim Haghi / Netherlands)

76. Khaled Taghavi/Netherlands

77. Zaghik Babakhani/Netherlands

78. Hamid Balfan/Netherlands

79. Maryam Jahanfard/Netherlands

80. Mohammad Karami/France

81. Javad Firozmand/France

83.Mehdi Sojodi/Germany

83. Mehrdad Sagharchi/scandinavia

84. Ali Jahani/ Germany

85. Majid Rohi/Denmark

86. Parvin Jafari/Denmark

87.Roya Haratipour/Norway

88.Bashir Hamdardzadeh/Sweden

89. Javid Hosseini/Greece

90. Mohammad Satari/NOrway

91. Jalil Hasimi/DEnmark

92. zayd Rahmanpour/Norway

93. Ashraf mohammadi/Norway

94. Hamid Balfan/Netherlands

95. Noor Dara/Netherlands

96. Soheyla Behboodi/Germany

97. Nasrin Behboodi/Netherlands

98. Kazem Hosseini/Netherlands

99. Ali Ghashghavi/ Germany

100. Amir Movasaghi/Germany

101. Edvard Tormado/Germany

102. Armineh Tormado/Germany

103. Behzad Alishahi/Netherlands

104. Nahid Amiri/Netherlands

105. Alireza Mirasgari/Germany

106. Mohsen Abaslo/Austria

107. Alireza Naghashzadeh/Germany

108. Elham Kakavand/Netherlands

109. Ali Akbar Rastgo/Germany

110. Majed Dara/Netherlands

111. Noryeh Dara/Netherlands

112. Nona Abdollahi/Netherlands

113. Ali Taghavi /Netherlands

114. Mehdi Fadayee/Germany

115. Khaled Taghavi/Netherlands

116. Yorik Ebrahimiyan /Germany

117. Farideh Barati/Netherlands

118. Mahbobeh Barati/Netherlands

119. Arash Moghadam/Netherlands

120. Batool Soltani

121. Armin Seraj/Netherlands

122. Kardo Dara/Netherlands

123. A Abkhaziyan/Germany)

124. Narineh Artesh/Germany

125. Ali Zirak/Netherlands

126. Sara SAdeghi/Germany

127. Bahadoor Khorami/Netherlands

128. Jafar Gonjeshki/Denmark

129. Jamshid Charlang/Germany

130. Ali Sheykhi/Netherlands

131. Hesam Sheykhi/Netherlands

132. Reza Sadeghi/Belgium

133. Eman Vaseti/Netherlands

134. Khalil Vaseti/Netherlands

135. Faramarz Pashayee / Canada

136. Mohammad Nabi Soleyman Nejat/Canada

137. Khoshnam Hesami/Canada

138. Hassan Saberi/Canada

139. Mehrzad Zardoshtiyan /Netherlands

140. Ghodrat Hamidi/Canada

141. Hasheh Mirza/Netherlands

142. Ershak Naghdali/Netherlands

143. Ebrahim Manaf/Netherlands

144. Sava Manaf/Netherlands

145. Amir Atefeh/Netherlands

146. Sanaz Dara/Netherlands

147. Saeed Soltanpour/Canada

148. Mahnaz Alavi/Netherlands

149. Christin Karkhaziyan/Germany

150. Habib Asadollahi/Germany

151. Millad Ariyayee/Germany

152. Ali GHashghavi/Germany

153. Shadi Doosti/Netherlands

154. Hassan Haghi/Netherlands

155. Mostafa Rahmani/Germany

156. Amir Movasaghi/Germany

157. Saeedeh Jabani/Netherlands

158. Maryam Vaseti/Netherlands

159. Hossein Ghanbari/Finland

160. Mansour Nazari/France

161. Hossein Naghdi/Germany

162. Mohammad Razzaghi/France

163. Nader Naderi/France

164.Yahya Haghjo/Sweden

165. Faramarz Niksefat/Denmark

166. Sepideh Aref/France

167. Dr. Farzad Rahnama/Carolina, USA

168. Mohammad Allavi/France

169. Shiva Mostafavi/France

170. Mehran Taghiabadi/France

171. Jamshid Peyvasteh/Netherlands

172. Mehrdad seyyedian/ Norway

173. Eshrat Fallah / Norway

174. Amir Taherloo / Sweden

175 . Shiwa Mostafavi / France

176. shokoufe Bayat /Sweden

177. Fateme Soleymani / Norway

178. Ali Mirzayi / Norway

179. Ashraf Amrolahi / Sweden

180. Ahmad Nooraei / Germany

181. Zohre Shams / gemany

182. Heydar Ghadiri /


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