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Why Mojahedin Khalq welcomes new sanctions against Iran?

To show the delighted for the new Security Council resolution against Iran, Maryam Rajavi in a statement that was released by the National Council of Resistance expressed joy and satisfaction and welcomed the move and the imposition of new sanctions by the US and the European Union. She expressed the hope that these sanctions would improve to a comprehensive technological, diplomatic and oil embargoes against the Iranian regime and emphasized that the international community should press Iran by imposing serious to give up. NCR statement quoted Maryam Rajavi in this regard saying: "The only working approach to deal with this regime is an all-assertive decisiveness. A policy that on the one hand involves comprehensive arms, technological, diplomatic and oil embargo against the regime and on the other hand, implies the recognition for the removal of restrictions against the Iranian Resistance".

In this connection, the official site of MKO while releasing this news, appreciated Hillary Clinton’s quote that the antagonistic attitude of Turkey and Brazil had no effect on the adoption of new sanctions against Iran by the Security Council and referred to the decision as a step towards the global peace. Maryam Rajavi and her propaganda machine have previously and repeatedly emphasized the need for imposing comprehensive sanctions against Iran and have celebrated the decisions completely forgetting that the sanctions are imposed against the Iranian people rather than being punitive measures that more serve to ensure the preservation of the US and Western countries’ interests.

Shrewd opportunist as MKO is, it is always waiting for troubled waters to fish. In this case of welcoming impose of sanctions on Iran, Maryam Rajavi demands her reward and immediately asks the international community to recognize her organization as a symbol of resistance and its removal of restrictions against it. It seems that she is making a deal for her own interest as well, caring not the least neither for the interests of the imposers nor the imposed. However, she is more addressing the US since Americans, as the most influential member of the international community and the Security Council, continue to recognize MKO both as a terrorist group and a cult. Furthermore, despite the tacit support of MKO in Iraq, it has granted the right of tackling with the problem of MKO to the legitimate government of Iraq. MKO, after losing all-round support of Saddam, directed all its efforts to win the support of America and the West, but despite all made attempts to satisfy them, it is still viewed as a violence-oriented, terrorist, ideologically dogmatic, anti-democratic, sectarian, and untrustable organization without the least recognized legitimacy and popularity among the Iranian people.

Although it is removed from some European lists of terror, the move is much rooted in their uncompromising political attitudes against Iranian regime rather than recognizing a terrorist group they themselves have a deeper understanding of its nature. The evidence is a multitude of published reports by state-run research organizations and institutes that recognize MKO responsible for sporadic bombings, assassinations, violence, unrest and anarchy after the 1979 revolution in Iran. Although at the present enjoying the support of the Hawks, the official positions of the US officials and particularly the Congress and the State Department do not confirm that of a supporter and still recognizes MKO as a terrorist group. Maryam Rajavi calls any investment in Iranian regime counter to democracy and human rights, but the West and the US are well aware that more absurd is to have the slightest investment, at least before the eyes of the public, in a terrorist cult that has the least respect neither for the democracy nor for human rights.

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