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Nisman: Common “Martyr” for the Israel-MKO alliance

Last week the leader of the Mujahedin Khalq Organization once more found an opportunity to attack Iranian government and to dishonestly represent herself and her so-called resistance as the “Iranian People”. After the Paris attack –when Mryam Rajavi expressed solidarity with Charlie Hebdo— she followed the Israeli pattern to call the murdered Argentinean special prosecutor Alberto Nisman as “Martyr for peace and humanity”.   

Nisman had been set to speak to Congress the following day to outline his latest complaints regarding the alleged complicity of President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner and other officials in covering up the also alleged complicity of Iran in the 1994 bombing of the Argentine Israeli Mutual Association (AMIA) in Buenos Aires, reported Belen Fernandez of  Al Jazeera. [1]

The Argentinean special prosecutor is glorified by Israeli and MKO authorities because he could manage to run a not so credible propaganda against Islamic Republic to give the wrong impression that Iranian official were behind the AMIA terror attack. As Belen Fernandez asserts, “The case against Iran – which has been repeated so unceasingly that the allegations are often passed off as fact – goes something like this: As part of its ongoing hobby as a US-designated "state sponsor of terrorism", the Islamic republic conspired with Lebanon’s Hezbollah to deal a blow to the Argentine Jewish community.” [2]

In 2005, as special prosecutor in Argentina’s AMIA probe Nisman spent the remainder of his life defending his own “version of events”. Predictably, some in the Israeli media took advantage of the recent opportunity to crown him a "martyr in the fight for justice", Al Jazeera correspondent notifies. [3]

Why such a coincidence in MKO and Israel reaction to Nisman’s death. One may think that it is due to their common hostility towards Iran but the case seems more complicated, and the MKO-Israel relationship sounds to be more friendly.

In august 2013, the award winning American journalist and historian Gareth Porter, published an article in Inter Press Service revealing the role of the MKO agents in the AMIA file. Argentine prosecutor Alberto Nisman based his 2006 warrant for the arrest of top Iranian officials in the bombing of a Jewish community center in Buenos Aires in 1994 on the claims of representatives of the armed Iranian opposition Mujahedin E Khalq (MEK), the full text of the document reveals, Garth Porter wrote. [4]

As an investigative journalist and a historian, notifying the MKO’s terrorist background, Porter suggests, “the document, recently available in English for the first time, shows that his only sources for the claim were representatives of the MEK or People’s Mujahideen of Iran.” [5]

As well as Al Jazeera, Porter believes that the repetitious claims and unfounded testimonies of MKO affiliated witnesses in Nisman’s arrest warrant just help the propaganda against Iranian government continue. Porter writes, “Nisman’s rambling and repetitious report cites statements by four members of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI), which is the political arm of the MEK, as the sources for the charge that Iran decided on the AMIA bombing in August 1993.” [6]

Although Nisman called his MKO witnesses as “completely truthful”, Gareth Porter criticizes his arrest warrant for lacking any evidence or reason to believe that any of the MKO members were in a position to have known about the high-level meeting between Iranian officials for the so-called plot against AMIA.

Considering Nisman as “pro-Israel, anti-Iran” political figure, Porter believed that the special prosecutor’s “readiness to base the crucial accusation against Iran in the AMIA case solely on MEK sources and his denial of their obvious unreliability highlights the fact that he has been playing a political role on behalf of certain powerful interests rather than uncovering the facts.” [7]

This fact is highly supported by the reports on the MKO-Israeli cooperation to launch propaganda about the Iranian nuclear program and their joint operations to assassinate the Iranian nuclear scientists. It seems that the evil alliance between MKO and Israel is just getting more and more ostensible.

 Mazda Parsi


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