Interpol Hunts The Rajavis

As the Interpol issued arrested warrant for the members of MKO by the request of Iraqi government, Iraqi people are also increasingly calling for detention of these people

Iraqi newspaper al-Bayyinah al-Jadidah wrote: "The Organization for Protection of Iraqis’ Rights" asked the Iraqi government to bring the leaders of terrorist MKO to justice. Stressing the fact that terrorist MKO had been involved in killing more than 780 Iraqi citizens, the organization also asked the families of the victims to file a complain in special court."

The Iraqi newspaper also reported that the Interpol has issued an arrest warrant for Massoud and Maryam Rajavi, the leaders of the terrorist MKO. The Interpol has accordingly sent the warrant to all its offices around the world.

"Iraqi government delivered documents and evidences on MKO’s involvement in killing Iraqis during 1991 uprising to the court that’s trying former Iraqi authorities."

Meanwhile, a number of Iraqi newspapers had reported of some MKO leaders’ escape to Jordan due to fears of being arrested and tried.

Last week, the prosecutor of Iraqi High Court Jafar al-Mousawi, said in an interview with Mehr News that arrest warrant had been issued for 150 MKO members including Massoud and Maryam Rajavi and that they would be prosecuted.

On the reasons of issuing ruling against the members of terrorist MKO, he said: "The fact is that Iraqi High Court pursues criminals and takes them to justice even if they are out of the country, there would be measures taken to bring them back; for instance, their hosting countries would be asked to extradite them to Iraq."

Also, on the documents proving MKO’s involvement in crimes, he added: "We investigated about the crimes of the former regime that had been done with the assistance of other groups. During the process, we found documents that proved MKO’s involvement in the inhumane crimes during 1991 uprising in northern and southern Iraq."


Mehr News Agency-  2007/08/22

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