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Brothers expecting to visit brothers in the MEK

Balaie family

Two sons of the Balayee family are taken as hostages in the Mujahedin Khalq (MEK). The other siblings in Iran including two brothers are looking forward to visiting the ones who are isolated inside the MEK’s camp in Albania, Ashraf 3.

Kiumars Balayee was a sympathizer of the MEK during the 1980s. He joined the group in Iraq at the time. The next victim was Mehrban who was serving as a soldier in Iran-Iraq war when he was taken as a war prisoner by Iraqi forces. He was then recruited by the MEK agents who were active in Iraqi POW camps. Mehrban was married and had a child when he was captured in the MEK. His son, Mehran has not seen his father for long years.

For over 30 years, the two brothers GhorbanAli and Shadman who live in Gilan, North of Iran, have been making efforts to contact their beloved brothers in the MEK but they were never allowed to have any contact by the MEK leaders.

As members of Nejat Society they write letters and publish them on Nejat website periodically in the hope that their brothers in the MEK will read them some time.
“We miss you both beloved brothers and we are looking forward to visit you some day.” GhorbanAli and Shadman wrote in their recent letter. “We have only one question: why don’t you call us?”

Balaie family

Balaie family

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