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Leila Kiukan hoped to see the father who is no more alive

The Mujahedin Khalq Organization announced the news of the death of Rahim Kiukan. This is while his daughter Leila expressed her hope to visit him just a few days ago at Fajr Film Festival, where the film “Colonel Soraya” was played for the first time.

Interviewed by reporters, Leila Kiukan spoke of a new light of hope that has sparked among families of the MEK members. In the opening ceremony of Colonel Soraya, Leila who has been deprived from having father said that she was pleased that she and her family have recently felt comfortable to talk about his father as a member of the MEK because they know that he is a prisoner in the Cult of Rajavi. She was not informed that his father was sick in the isolated camp Ashraf 3 of the MEK. So, she was hopeful to take actions to release her dad from the group.

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Leila was also optimistic that his father and other members of the MEK would see the film and would think about their expectant families and eventually would make their mind to leave the group. However, the authorities of the MEK took Rahim as a hostage until the last day of his 78 years of age. He passed away on February 19th in the MEK while his family were looking forward to his return for 43 years.

Rahim Kiukan was born in 1945. He left his family in Iran to join the MEK in 1981. He was married and had 4 children at the time. Leila was only two years old.

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