“Colonel Soraya”, story of the mother of an MEK member

“Colonel Soraya” is a film based on the true story of Soraya Abdullahi, the mother of Amir Aslan Hassanzadeh, a hostage of the Mujahedin-e Khalq (MEK). The film narrates the stories of families who are expecting the release of their loved ones, taken as prisoners by the Cult of Rajavi.

The story of several families who used to picket in front of the gates of Camp Ashraf when the group was located in Iraq is recounted by the script writer and the director of the film, Leili Aaj.

MEK hostages families participated at the Fajr Intl. Film Festival

“Colonel Soraya” depicts the depth of pains and sufferings of families who are looking forward to the end of mental and physical custody of their children. It indicates how members of the MEK are brainwashed to stay deaf and blind regarding the loud speakers through which their parents and siblings call on them.

The part of Soraya Abdollahi was played by Zhaleh Sameti, the Iranian actress. She graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Tehran in the field of theater. She is now one of the best actresses working in theater, cinema and television.

Soraya Abdollahi holding her son’s photo at a meeting related to the Fajr Festival film”Colonel Soraya”

Soraya Abdollahi have been looking forward to contacting his son, hijacked by the MEK 21 years ago. She is an active member of Nejat Society and the founder of an organization called “Mothers, forgotten victims” of which the members are mothers of those who are taken as hostages in the MEK’s headquarters in Albania.
Her son Amir Aslan Hassanzadeh was only 19 when he fell in the trap of the MEK recruiters in Turkey. During the 21 years that he has been behind the bars of the Cult of Rajavi, his mother has been endeavoring to find a way to contact Amir Aslan.

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