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Edi Rama heading fast towards dependence on Israel

Edi Rama

The World Youth Weightlifting Championships started on Saturday in Albania. Iran was eligible to participate in these competitions and the names of Iranian girls and boys participating in these competitions in different weights were announced on the website of the International Weightlifting Federation (IWF).

Israel, as has been the case for years, first sent its mercenary, the Mojahedin-e Khalq (MEK), to ask the Foreign Ministry of Albania to refuse to issue visas to junior Iranian weightlifters due to security reasons and terrorist threats, but this ploy was not successful and therefore Israel had to take action directly and use all its lobbying capacity and prevent the issuance of visas for Iranian weightlifters by spending a huge amount of money.

The excuse of Edi Rama’s government under Zionist pressure for not issuing visas in this regard was that since Russian athletes have been sanctioned due to the war in Ukraine and since Iran sells weapons to Russia in this war, therefore Iranian athletes are also included in the sanctions. Of course, for now, only Edi Rama, who is living in a critical dilemma in his country, has achieved the discovery at the behest of Israel that Iranian athletes should be sanctioned like Russian athletes.

Over the past months, the Albanian media have been reporting on the government of Edi Rama, who is struggling in internal crises, heading fast towards dependence on Israel. Some observers believe that the hacks that took place in Albania’s cyber systems since the summer of last year were carried out by Israel itself in order to blame them on Iran and in this way make Albania more dependent on itself with promises of cyber aid. A trick that, of course, has distanced Albania more and more from Europe and even from America in some cases.

According to the information obtained, the European Union wants the MEK to be limited as much as possible in Albania, but the dependence of Edi Rama’s government on Israel to deal with hacks that are most likely the work of Israel, and to receive propaganda services for the council elections in the next month, has become such that it has practically adopted a dual policy towards the MEK and against the former members of this organization in ASILA, which Albania will definitely suffer from both sides if this policy continues.

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