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MEK, the greatest enemy of women and children

MEK women

If one day Iranian women and children are to complain in a court about the atrocities and crimes that happened to them, surely the leaders of the MEK terrorist group will be present in the first row of all the accused. This is not a superficial and controversial claim. There is a wide range of women, girls and children of this land who fell victim to crimes committed by the MEK terrorist group.

Since the beginning of the 1960s, nearly 450 Iranian women and girls have been victims of terrorist groups, and the MEK has had the highest share. Seventy six victims were schoolgirls aged 11 to 18, and 77 were innocent young girls under 10. The MEK is responsible for the killing of about 400 kids of this nation. This magnitude of brutality of a terrorist group against innocent people and children is unbelievable. Even their usual response to their opponents and critics, both Iranian and non-Iranian, whom they constantly call “regime’s mercenaries” cannot justify the savagery.

Another group of MEK’s female victims are former or current members of the group. Since the mid-60s and Rajavi’s nefarious scheme, which he called “ideological revolution“, hundreds of children were separated from their families and transferred to Europe. Two hundred were sent to Germany who, according to the German police reports and observations of school teachers in cities such as Cologne, were exploited and sexually harassed by the supporters of the MEK, and did not act normally at school. Many others were also sent to streets to beg for donations as part of Rajavi’s fraudulent fund-raising project.

Now, in the MEK’s camp in Albania are female members who were separated from their husbands and kids, prohibited from marriage, education, and working, forced to wear uniforms and dozens of other who were rendered sterile, all providing compelling evidence about anti-family and misogynistic acts within the “stuck-in-the-past” cult of Rajavi.

To evade this atrocity, the MEK has no choice but to resort to deception, lying and distortion of history. However, Iranian themselves are history and this terrorist group will be held accountable one day.

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