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Friends of Once Enemy

Reading the Wall Street Journal’s recent article “Anti-Americans On The March”, I was grabbed by the MKO’s overwhelming metamorphosis when the past memories floated through my mind. The article mainly discusses that a universal movement, regardless of being religious or atheist, to fight American hegemony has already initiated with the Lebanon’s Hezbollah forming the matrix. Religion, once regarded the main ideological obstacle to form a comprehensive resistance against the American imperialism, now prompts a collective goal once impossible to achieve:

Religion, excoriated by Karl Marx as the "opiate of the masses," has become a great mobilizing force — even for zealous atheists. The phenomenon extends beyond the Middle East to Europe, Latin America and Africa, too. Causes that a few years ago seemed moribund or at least passé — socialism, Third World solidarity, strident anti-Americanism — have been injected with the fervor, though rarely the actual faith, of Islamic radicalism.

Once itself the forerunner of such resistance, MKO has taken a sloping path swimming against the current. In its formation of struggle against the ousted Iranian monarchy, the organization propagated the idea that “there is only one major enemy: imperialism and its local collaborators”. Mojahedin denounced the American imperialism for its political, economic, social and cultural break-in role.

Mojahedin insisted that most of the world’s problems had been created by imperialism and that their main goal was to free Iran of the US imperialism. Alas, now it has turned to be something of the past found only in Mojahedin’s earlier publications and pamphlets.

The past imperialist and enemy, itself careful not to put all its trust in the blacklisted terrorists, is sought for a helping hand to assume power in Iran. Promising to do its best as a means of furthering the US-Zionists shared interests, Mojahedin has detached itself from the front of anti-American campaigners, since the common goal has evaporated, to befriend the enemy.

It seems that Mojahedin’s metamorphosis and digression is the outcome of disbelief in any belief; the communists and atheists at least believe that there is no God.

Sattar Orangi – Mojahedin.ws  – December 12, 2006

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