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The Attempt to Befriend an Enemy

MKO might be the promising option from amongst the terrorist enemies to be befriended

Some powers believe that enemies are not always as bad as they may seem, since in some occasions they are even much more profitable than the friends. It reminds Friedrich Nietzsche saying that “Whoever lives for the sake of combating an enemy has an interest in the enemy staying alive”. An imaginary enemy to combat is even more profitable because by tilting at windmills, it creates an opportunity of attempting to solve a pseudo-problem with a pseudo-solution by aiming at that enemy. Consider al-Qaeda terrorist group on the US State Department’s list of FTO for instance. Whoever they were and under whose protection and aiding they evolved and were commissioned, they occupied the place of an outright enemy to be antagonized and became the alibi for a verity of controversial invasions against other lands where they were suspected to have taken a safe haven.

Then, not all the terrorist groups on the United States’ FTO seem to be maintaining a potential threat against the US; in all probability there is an interest in their staying on the list. Now, what happen when a group on the list is removed or a disputable battle goes on to remove it? Some are of the opinion that such a move is precisely what America must do to turn foes into friends. But some others argue that it is not friends that America needs but enemies. But a third party believes that both enemies and friends are needed but those befriended from among the enemies are even more worthwhile as this new type of friends, once betraying the trust, are the trusted and loyal servants that have to be saved to be manipulated in malicious cold and soft wars against the adversary.

In the prolonged wrangle over the removal of Mojahedin Khalq Organization (a.k.a. MKO, MEK. PMOI, NCRI) between the group and its advocate on one side and the US State Department on the opposite, an attempt is made to prove that MKO has since long denounced terrorism and poses no threat against neither America nor any other party in the world. As three senior commanders of military operations in Iraq have recently argued while standing behind the group, “It is now time to recognize that the MEK are our friends and we must save them. The first step is for the State Department to de-list the MEK from the terrorist list”. Their pleading in favor of the group is a notification that it has served its time of militarism and has to be saved to be employed in covered fronts sometimes operating under a deceptive coat of democracy.

Looking at the controversy of MKO from a different angle, MKO must have verged on proving an unviable and incompetent enemy to occupy the terrorist list or maybe MKO lacks the needed weight and potentiality of a blatant terrorist group to be regarded a potential enemy to be utilized in its real and literal profile. When a terrorist group turns pro-democratic, as MKO claims, in fact it is preparing to leave the minority of the enemies to join the majority of the favorite friends. But it will not be a start from the scratch; MKO has already proved, by cooperating with American forces in Iraq, providing valuable intelligence and collaboration in soft-war and cyber terrorism, that it might be the promising option from amongst the enemies to be befriended.

By M. Nelson

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