The letter of Hossein Ghadimi to his captive brother Morteza Ghadimi in the MEK camp

The brother and Mother of Morteza Ghadimi

Hossein Ghadimi from Darsjin, a village in Zanjan Province, Iran, is the brother of Morteza Ghadimi member of the Mujahedin-e Khalq. For years with his mother and other family members, He has been passionately and non-stop pursuing his brother’s release from Rajavi’s captivity. His last letter to his brother is as follows:

My dear brother Morteza,
I don’t know why the MEK leaders don’t allow the letters sent by the families to reach you?! Although we are aware that Rajavi is afraid of free communication even in the form of an emotional letter, we express our feelings and emotions to you by continuously sending letters that we know you are not allowed to reach.
We will never get tired because we believe that despite the numerous obstacles and restrictions built by the MEK leaders, you will finally be able to view the our letter on the Internet, on Nejat Society website.

My dear brother,
You know better than me that there is no bright future for the MEK and its leaders. After the incident of June 30, this year, it became clear to each and every one of you that Maryam Rajavi is using you as a human shield around herself. I hope that you hesitate and eventually will change your life path by getting rid of Rajavi’s hellish cult ending this long-time separation.
In the hope of your freedom

Your brother Hossein

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