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Mujahedin’s hatred towards Peace Movement

Peace Movement is a kind of movement in which various people are active. Its principal objective is challenging wars especially imperialistic wars. And of course, in all peace movements most of their efforts are focused on fighting US imperialism since the thing that is important to Europeans and Americans is the take over of neo-cons and neo-liberals in Europe and America. Neo-cons and neo-liberals have violated people‘s civil rights and social and political freedom. They also caused several billion dollars paid by American and European tax-payers, slope to warship against innocent people. Democrat chief of US congress said:” 10 million children, in the US enjoy no health services and the Bush administration refuses the plan for the development of health services at the same time asks for two billion dollars for its war in Iraq or Afghanistan while it can provide health services for 10 million children with the money spent for 40 days fighting in Iraq. The same system is working in Europe now, because the reforms are developing against the benefits of low class of the society and the neo-liberal governments are trying to load the expenses on poor people. Therefore the gap between poor and rich, according to European media and experts, is becoming bigger and bigger. Thus the Europeans and Americans have figured out that “war on terror” has become a pretext for Imperialists in order to pour much more money into big concerns and to violate human rights. Now the people of Europe and America know well of the atrocities made in Iraq and Afghanistan, in the name of “civilized” world and are well-informed of the nature of such wars.

The public hatred toward war has also made right wing Iranian oppositions such as monarchists, Mujahedin, PKK and Komola and a part of republicans apparently oppose the war but actually and practically they act along with the objectives of war-mongers. This is particularly obvious in Muajhedin-e-Khalq whose leader Maryam Rajavi asks for “The absence of military intervention” but suggests a third option of which you can only find the war odor and from the other side she strongly supports Bush’s policy under the name of “Democracy from Tehran to Damascus” including sanctions. Her lobbies throughout Europe and America are feeding the propaganda machine of Imperialism mass media. MKO’s representative in the US, Ali Reza Jaafarzade is an employee of Fox News Cannel which belongs to Mordakai, a Zionist Lobby which has a lot of mass Medias in Europe, America and Australia. And this is a significant example of MKO’s cooperation for hitting war drums. Also it should be told that Ali Reza Jaafar Zade has a political expertise office in Washington DC and serves as a foreign affair analyst and also political advisor for neo-cons. He has close relations with Zionist lobbyist like Richard Perle and neo-cons’ channels and warmongers of Israel lobby including Raymond Tanter former American security advisor. Therefore whenever the US brings an issue to its propaganda field in order to incite war, MKO also does its best to heat the war up and sharpens its propaganda services trying to present itself including holding press conference on Bush’s propaganda for “war on terror”.

Along with warmongers, Mujahedin have shown their deep hatred toward peace and antiwar movements and they claim that any analysis against warmongers of Bush administration is linked to Islamic Regime. Now they try to criticize the whole peace movement claiming “Islamic Regime’s lobbies in peace movement” in order to destroy any effort for peace using lies and slanders. MKO’s leader hostility against peace movement is exactly along with their warmonger policies. They intentionally want to link all peace movements to regime’s lobby so that they can impose suffocation

atmosphere to peace movements. The same work they do to their own dissidents that anyone who criticizes their ideology automatically is viewed as an element of regime! Those elements are of course among politicmen of Iranian oppositions or international Medias or even the leaders of other countries!

With this method of considering people as white or black so oppressively, now Mujahedin are entering a new scene for suppression of their dissidents and that is Peace Movement. Speaking ambiguously of Iranian regime lobbies and their links with Peace Movement, They try to pollute Peace Movement with Islamic Regime so that they can show any peaceful movement as pro-Islamic regime, accusing peace supporters and oppressing them psychologically and politically. Millions people around the world have shown their opposition to war mongers’ policies not only while the occupation of Iraq but also today (like last weekend when several thousands of broad –minded people demonstrated against Bush’s aggressive policies, in various cities in the United States). This shows the failure of the plots of Iranians Chalabis who don’t have any coverage on their actions anymore and neither have they denied their cooperation with war firms and for their services as mercenaries they are paid by Americans. The good example is Ali Reza Jaafarzade’s service office in Washington DC where he gives services to propaganda machine of Imperialism, Israeli lobbies in the US and Mujahedin’s communications in Bagdad. Another example is what the director of the war institute “Edition Global” said;" I have had relations with MKO since thirty years ago.” Thus you can conclude the entire story.

MKO’s policy has always had double standards and their slogans have always been contradictory to their actions. During Iran-Iraq war MKO became a close friend of Saddam Hussein and according to Rajavi they concluded a “ pact of brotherhood”, shouting freedom and peace slogans they benefited from the overture ,contradiction and fight between Iran and Iraq along with the massacre of millions of innocent people, However they yelled peace slogans, they were drumming up for the war. Even after the American occupation of Iraq their analysis was that Islamic Regime is living with crisis and to pass the crisis it would again get war with Iraq and because of that they made the waters more troubled. Today, as what they did before, they face the Iran-America relations with a contradictory policy, for example Maryam Rajavi speaks of “the absence of military intervention” and bargains for the removal of MKO from terror list but virtually she tries to deteriorate the war crisis. Such a movement must have a deep hostility against Peace Movement since it sees everything in American invasion to Iran in order to get rid of the dangerous situation it has stuck in, in Iraq: exposing the risk of expulsion. Besides it has encountered a lot of restrictions in France! The MKO’s leaders have allegedly said “any alternative for them is better than the current situation and the war is one of the alternatives.”

Ali Shams

Translation: Nejat Society

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