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MKO a False Pro-Democratic Movement

[Mojahedin.ws comments: In spite of its extensive propaganda activities to epitomize itself as a pro-democratic group to fulfill the Western incited regime change in Iran, the MKO fails to convince many advocates of regime change to regard it as representing the Iranian people. Kenneth R. Timmerman, Executive Director of the Foundation for Democracy in Iran, warns against the allure of false democratic movements like the Mojahedin. In a discussion symposium directed by Front Page Magazine, he tipped off people to the traps laid before the democratic aspirations of bringing freedom to Iran.]

Trap number one: we must not fall for the allure of false democratic movements, such as the Mujehedin-e Khalq. This Islamist-Marxist cult hides behind a number of fronts, including the National Council of Resistance and a host of U.S.-based “Iranian-American community” groups, and pretends to support democratic ideals. But make no mistake. The Mujahedin murdered Americans in the 1970s, took part in the Khomeinist revolution, helped the regime seize the U.S. embassy and take U.S. diplomats hostage in 1979, and remains committed to an Islamist state in Iran. Additionally, the MEK has aroused widespread hatred in Iran because it sided with Saddam Hussein during the 1980-1988 Iran-Iraq war.

This is a group that attempted to invade Iran militarily in April 1988 with the help of Saddam Hussein’s army, and was repulsed by 16-year old kids and grandfathers armed, literally, with pitchforks. The overwhelming majority of Iranians consider them as traitors.

The MEK has for years claimed to head a “coalition” that formed a “parliament-in-exile.” In fact, the 500-or so front groups that belong to this “coalition” are just MEK fronts –and some of them just individuals – not independent groups. Ultimately, they elevated the leader’s wife to become “president-elect.”

Kenneth Timmerman, Front Page Magazine –  May 19, 2006

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