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MKO’s version of democratic government

As s cult-like terrorist organization, Mujahidin Khalq has never believed in democracy in its long history of cult-like approaches. Despite their propaganda for democracy and human rights, they have always believed in an ideological system originated in religion of Shiite Islam [MKO’s version] and Marxism. All documents on MKO’s background prove this ideology which opposes liberalism and individualism as well as capitalism. But today in a U-turn regarding their past doctrine, MEK try to draw the attention of Western governments to themselves by their large-scale propaganda in Western lobbies, advocating a “secular democratic regime of Iran.”

The controversial title “President Elect” for Maryam Rajavi is the main example of MKO’s false propaganda. Who has elected Mrs. Rajavi as the President?
National Council of Resistance that is the umbrella organization for MKO.

Due to its atrocities against Iranian compatriots during Iran-Iraq war, as Saddam Hussein’s accomplice, and its terrorist acts against Iranian targets and civilians, MKO has never had support among Iranians. Therefore, Maryam Rajavi can never be the President-elect of Iranians except those manipulated members in the isolated cult of Rajavis.

Now, after the controversial presidential election in Iran, which was a big practice of democracy for Iranians, Maryam Rajavi is seeking an opportunity to impose her cult of personality to Iranian nation, advocating her regime change policy. All experienced practitioners of democracy argue that democracy includes sharing of power by various parties, a phenomenon that has never existed in MKO, since its foundation, the dissidents have been always suppressed by the cult leaders.

In reaction to the post-election incidents in Iran Maryam Rajavi once more proposed her solution as “democratic change” against Velayet-e-Faqih regime! And she probably sees her cult of personality as the best alternative to the ruling system.

Maryam Rajavi, the advocate of regime change is of course the best person to destroy the progressing path of democracy in Iran, since the destructive cult of hers and her husband’s is the best symbol of suppressing the freedom of expression and speech.

Masud Rajavi who has imposed himself as an idol to be worshiped by the members given that he is the leader of Iran [as an impossible option]could be the most notorious dictator, after Stalin and Hitler in the new regime that MKO is seeking to establish.
By Mazda Parsi

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