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Tactics to Fool People

To Readers of the Washington Post…

 (LPAC)–Today’s Washington Post features a story claiming that more than 300,000 Shi’ites in southern Iraq have signed a petition denouncing Iran for fomenting violence in Iraq, and claiming that Iran has taken over all of southern Iraq.

Only after puffing the petition, does the Post admit that the petition drive is being backed by the Mujaheddin-e Khalq, an Iranian exile group which is listed by the U.S. government as a terrorist organization, but which nonetheless is harbored by the U.S. in northern Iraq for its potential use against Iran.

In other words, what the vote of a mere 300,000 reflects, is that the MEK is controlled by Cheney, or by the same people who control Cheney, who desire a war with Iran.

300,000? The growing number of MySpace and Facebook users should remind us that large groups of people can be influenced to do stupid things by evil fascists. The question for readers of the Washington Post, is why the Post uses the same tactics to fool people with big numbers, rather than present the principle of Westphalia, the benefit of the other?

larouchepac.com,November 22, 2007

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