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Rajavi’s cult Should Change Tactics

Iran finished the job and despite all sanctions and unfriendly attempts by the US to prevent Iran from completing its nuclear projects, Iran entered the stage of industrial production of nuclear fuel.

The implications of this move on political equations would appear in the future. However, at the time when the countries having nuclear fuel tried to stop Iran from achieving this technology, this success proves that Iranian achievement is local and won’t be destroyed with any threat or bombs. It also demonstrates Iranians will to pursue their goal that by itself will bring about different development in global level.

The relentless war against Iran’s nuclear program during past 5 years was because the players knew that they should stop Iran by any means possible.

They also declared openly that the option of military actions is always on the table. This option was suspended due to being impossible.

The main directors of this scene were worried about losing time and did their best to stop the process.

Rajavi’s gang, however, had two major concerns.

According to their masters, time was their biggest concern because they believed that pressure could be useful in longer time and that’s why they always asked for more pressure and claimed that it was the only way for Europeans to succeed.

Bigger concern for Rajavi’s gang was that Iran could get upper hand in this process. They claimed that Iran was trying to produce nuclear bomb in order to instigate the US to attack Iran, which was the only option for that phase in their view.

What should be recalled is the fact that Rajavi’s gang not influential in Iran’s political scene but it claims that Europeans are backing the group; by this, they only show the West’s desperation in dealing with Iran.

Anyway, Rajavi’s remnants should receive this message that “the tactic of so-called revelations on Iranian nuclear programs won’t be useful anymore and that they should think about their discredited group”.


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