Iraqi MP: MKO must be expelled

The head of the Iraqi parliament’s Security and Defense Committee says the MKO is a terrorist group that must be expelled from Iraq.  "The Mojahedin Khalq Organization is a terrorist group that must be expelled from Iraq," said Hadi al-Ameri in an interview with an Iraqi newspaper. Al-Ameri referred to the MKO’s active role in suppressing the Iraqi nation under the Ba’ath regime, and said the group must not be allowed to remain on Iraq’s soil.  He added that they were asked to leave the country at the beginning of the year because of meddling in Iraq’s internal affairs.  Al-Ameri commented on the presence of other armed groups such as the PKK in the country and said Iraq is against the presence of any foreign armed group that poses a threat to neighboring countries.  He added that Baghdad would try to expel the PKK from northern Iraq by any means possible.  PressTV Sun, 18 Nov 2007


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