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Iraqi MP: MKO will be expelled by year end

The anti-Iran terrorist Mujahedin-e Khalq Organization (MKO) will be expelled from Iraq by the end the year, Iraqi lawmaker said.Uday Awwad, the Sadrist Iraqi MP

Uday Awwad, the Sadrist Iraqi MP, insisted that Iraqis “will witness the MKO expelled from the country this year”, Habilian Association (families of 17,000 Iranian terror victims) news website quoted Iranian Rasa News Agency as reporting.

Insisting on the cult’s expulsion, Awwad criticized Iraqi politicians who support the terrorist MKO and want them remain in the country.

“It is surprising that some Iraqi lawmakers and political parties support the MKO while the cult is accused of shedding Iraqis’ blood,” he added.

“The presence of our neighbours’ opposition groups is illegal according to the Iraqi constitution. Therefore, the MKO must leave Camp Ashraf and Iraq soon,” Awwad insisted.

As well as assassinating more than 12,000 Iranians, the MKO is responsible for over 25,000 Iraqi lives. The cult’s members are now residing in Camp Asharaf in Iraq’s Diyala Province. Contrary to the US will, Iraqi officials want to expel the terrorist cult.

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