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Iraqi MP: 18 million Iraqis want MKO expelled

TEHRAN — Petitions signed by the Iraqi people show that about 18 million Iraqis want to see members of the terrorist Mojahedin Khalq Organization expelled from their country, Iraqi MP Honein Qaddu said Sunday in a meeting with a number of Iranian political figures in Mashhad.

“The MKO have killed a thousand of our people,” Honein Qaddu, who is also the secretary general of the Iraqi Democratic Society, stated in a meeting with Mohammad Javad Hasheminejad, the secretary general of the Iranian Habilian Society.

“Since their arrival in Iraq, the MKO began to serve Saddam. They are complicit in the mass murder of Iranian and Iraqi people, so the Iranian and Iraqi people have the right to call for expulsion (from Iraq),” Hasheminejad stated.

Saddam Hussein assassinated some 3000 individuals from the big family of the Iraqi Democratic Society and leveled 23 of their villages, the Iraqi lawmaker said.

However, Honein stated that despite repressions by the MKO and the U.S. occupation of Iraq, the relations between Iranian and Iraqi people are improving in social, economic and political dimensions.

Political analyst Dr. Khaldun (first name not given), who was present at the meeting, also said a petition bearing the signatures of 18 million Iraqis is ready for submission to Iraqi criminal courts and human rights organizations.

The Habilian Society, established in 2005, aims to fight terrorism, disclose the criminal actions of the MKO to the Iranian nation, file complaints against MKO assassins, and honor the memory of their victims

Tehran Times Political Desk, April 22 2008


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