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The EU’s double standard approach to the issue of MKO

EU ‘will never follow US policies’

The European Union will never follow Washington’s militaristic approach to the world’s issues, a senior European legislator has said.  

MEP Angelika Beer, who is visiting Iran, also called for the promotion of cooperation between Iran’s and EU’s Parliaments.  

She made the remarks during a meeting with Iran’s Parliament Speaker Gholam-Ali Haddad-Adel on Sunday.  

Haddad Adel, for his part, termed the recent US intelligence report on Iran’s nuclear issue as ‘relatively positive’ adding that the report indicates Iran’s truthfulness.  

He said the National Intelligence Estimate (NIE) exposed the US lies about Iran.  

Haddad Adel also criticized the EU’s double standard approach to the issue of terrorism. The Iranian official said while the EU claims that it is fighting terrorism, the bloc is citing the misinformation provided by terrorist groups like the Mojahedin Khalq Organization (MKO).  

He said the Islamic Republic is honestly cooperating with the EU to tackle the problem of drug trafficking. The Iranian official added Tehran does it best to confront drug smuggling whose victims are the youth particularly the European.  

Beer, in response, reiterated that the European Union considers the MKO an illegal organization and denounces it.  

pressTV,Dec. 10, 2007  






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