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Mojahedin Khalq threatens to kill an author

In the same way that a leopard cannot change its spots, MKO fail to give up violence and terrorism not only in its struggle conduct but also in the literature of criticizing its opponents. Bad-mouthing the critics and threatening them to death is the characteristic of criminal gangs and terrorist groups that advocate violence and atrocity as the sole working apparatus to achieve the ends. For instance, in an angry backlash against a series of articles by Bahar Irani published in Mojahedin.ws, the last of which was Arab countries, Latin America or Africa, where will MKO settle after Iraq? one of MKO’s penman, Sasan Mahmoudi, in an article entitled Mojahedin’s station in the world released by MKO-run iran-efshagari originally in Parsian, threatened the author of the articles to a lethal reaction from the group’s agents. In the ending part of his article he writes:

There will be a group, for sure from Mojahedin, that turns the mills by splitting the blood of the cleric-fed villains even if you make attempts to escape.

It is only a report to let advocates of MKO know that the group proves to be a great disappointment if anybody tries to trust it as a pro-democratic resistance as it claims.

January 17, 2008

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