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78 signatories: Mojahedin Khalq terror group are threatening to kill us in your country

Open letter to François Hollande, President of the French Republic

Dear President of the French Republic,

Seventeen French citizens, victims of freedom of expression, have just been killed in Paris. Over two centuries, France has paid dearly for this freedom. Yet the flag of freedom remains hoisted in France; this is why it is called the cradle of freedom. We, former members of the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI, aka MEK, MKO, Rajavi cult), unequivocally condemn this crime and express our solidarity with the French people and the families of the victims of upholding freedom of expression.

M. President, we are former members of the PMOI who were able to free ourselves from this repressive cult. We are trying to reveal the true nature of this group by organizing permitted activities and meetings in Paris. Yet we continue to be attacked and beaten by the Fedayeen of Massoud Rajavi (leader of the PMOI who lived in France between 1981 and 1986), who has publicly called for the deaths of former members of the organization. In meetings held in 1995 in Iraq for the rank and file members, Rajavi explicitly ordered his followers to assassinate former members wherever they are. Since then he has missed no opportunity to repeat that order. The most recent time was November 2, 2014 when, during a Shiite religious holiday, in a video message along with their photographs, he demanded the deaths of 40 former PMOI members. Released in Camp Liberty in Iraq, this message continues to circulate on the Internet.

President of the French Republic,

These former members who are subjected to death threats, reside legally in France, Europe and elsewhere. The wife of Massoud Rajavi, and other PMOI commanders who reside in France, have been tasked with executing this order. The message itself violates French national sovereignty and constitutes incitement to commit murder.

President of the French Republic,

Unfortunately, the headquarters of this dangerous cult is in France, in the department of Val d’Oise, not far from the capital. For three decades the headquarters of the PMOI has been protected by the French government. Enforced segregation, with no contact with the outside world, has allowed the PMOI to conduct sectarian indoctrination and terrorist training in this headquarters, just as in its military bases in Iraq. The self-immolation of several PMOI members following the arrest on 17 June 2003 of their leader (Maryam Rajavi) and a dozen of their senior commanders on terrorism and money laundering charges is just one example of the violence of this organization. Through these acts of violence in the streets of Paris and other European capitals, the PMOI tried to intimidate the French Judiciary to abandon its investigations. An indication of the PMOI’s ongoing violent beliefs is their support for other terrorist groups, even Islamic State which Maryam Rajavi hails as “nomadic and revolutionary Iraqi people.”

President of the French Republic,

The former members of the PMOI have not committed any crime. We have only spoken out about what we lived and suffered for years under the hegemony of this Islamic fundamentalist cult. Like the terrorists who have just murdered French journalists, Massoud Rajavi tries to suppress any dissent to prevent the truth from emerging. We are French citizens as well as residents of Europe and elsewhere. Our lives and our freedom of expression are now threatened by the head of the PMOI and his wife in France.

As you focus on the firm commitment of your government to protect the lives of French citizens and to defend freedom of expression, we draw your attention to the danger posed by this cult training base in Auvers-sur-Oise in the Val d’Oise.

Please accept, M. President of the Republic, the assurance of our highest respect and consideration.


Ministry of Interior of France

– United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees – Geneva

– The French media

– Amnesty International

– The International Committee of the Red Cross – Geneva

– European Union chief foreign policy

– Speaker and Members Europe

– Prime Minister of Iraq

– Iraqi Media


1-Mohammad Karami

2-Ghorbanali Hossenjad

3-Mehrdad Sagharchi

4-Hamid Sistani

5-Ghafor Fatahian

6-Ali Jahani

7-Majid Rohi

8-Ahsan Bidi

9-Niaz Salimi

10-Nilofar Sarfraz

11-Batol Soltani

12-Homeira Mohammadnejad

13-Zahra Moeini

14-Nasrin Abrahimi

15-Shirzad Jalili

16-Hassan KHalaj

17-Eadel Asami

18-Aliakbar Rastguo

19-Seid Amir Movasghi

20-Jamshid Tafrishi

21-Advard Tornado

22-Mahmod Sepahi

23-Mseod KHodabandeh

24-Anne KHodabandeh

25-Mitra Yosefi

26-Visha Karami

27-Ali reza Nasrolrhi

28-Mohammad reza Najarian

29-Mehdi KHoshhal

30-Karim GHolami

31-Abdolkarim Abrahimi

32-Farzad Farzinfar

33-Mohammad hosin Sobhani

34-Milad Ariaiy

35-Mansor Nazari

35-Mehdi Sajodi

37-Shahroz Tajbakhsh

38-Ahmad Mohamadi

39-Ebrahim KHodabandeh

40-Eatefe Nadalian

41-Karim Haghi

42-Mahtab Alipor

43-Daryosh Majlesi

44-Habib KHorami

45-Homayon Kehrzadi

46-Ali GHashghavi

47-Arash Sametipor

48-Nader Naderi

49-Seba SHekarbigi

50-Mojtba Reshdi

51-Saed Soltanpor

52-Hamidreza Solymani

53-Mehdi Nikbakht

54-Mir Baghr Sedaghi

55-Rabeh SHahrokhi

56-Mostfi Mohammadi

57-Mahbobe Hamze

58-Horie Mohammadi

59-Mohammad Mohammadi

60-Morteza   Mohammadi

61-Parvin Haji

62-Hassan Ezizi

63-ALF .Mino sephr

64-Vahid Saeidi

65-Mohammad Eraghi

66-Hassan Piransar

67-Mohammad R,,,,,

68-Mohammd reza Armankhah

69-Mina Kermani

70-Emidvar – E.M

71-Hsin Serabi

72-Sadegh Rezaei

73-Hammid Yossefi

74-Soria Ebdoleziz

75-Ebrahim Nasif

76-Sead Samir Ebdolah

77-Ahmad reza SHafiei

78-Hamidreza Bikas

Faryad Azadi, Paris,

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