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The Statement No.6 of Somayeh Mohammadi‘s Family

Bagdad – Jan22nd 2008

Dear Iranian, honorable patriots,

Human Rights and political forces, activists and organization,

On Dec18th, a day after the armed kidnapping of me, Mostafa Mohammadi (father) and my wife Mahboube Mohammadi (mother) by MKO’s team who had hired and bribed two Iraqi policemen, they showed a TV interview with our somayeh. The interview has previously been shown on August 20th , 2006. Fortunately, the kidnapping operation ended with MKO’s failure since the Iraqi authorities and American forces helped us.

Now we have no way unless using our least power and possibility in order to rescue our beloved Somayeh from Ashraf where the Mujahedin have sold freedom and humanity to the foreigners. This time we could receive the visa to enter Iraqi territory contrary to two years ago when we stayed in Jordan for two months and we couldn’t get the visa. Therefore, we accepted the risk of living in Iraq and that’s what any family does to save his child’s life.

What did we want Mujahedin to do?

As we have already stated in our previous statement dated on August 27th, 2006 we had only one request and that was to transfer Somaye to a free country so that she (who was taken to Ashraf when she was under the legal age and she’s gown up since years) could decide whether to stay or return to her family in Canada, in a free atmosphere, not the choking atmosphere ruling MKO.

How you can believe Somayeh’s words while her only source of news is the leader of the organization where there is no free TV or radio and she is under the psychological peer pressure.

She accused us as being the mercenaries of Regime, however her brother Mohammad who was taken to Ashraf as a 15-year old teenager ( and was kept there for 5 years working in their military camp) could visit his sister only once a year on New year’s day when both of them whispered their determination to leave MKO. They didn’t dare to declare their decision in the meetings due to despises and humiliations made against Mohammad has so many times noted in his weblog


We hadn’t travelled to Iraq 8 times after the fall of Saddam, if the American forces hadn’t helped us, if Mohammad wasn’t a Canadian citizen, Mojahedin would have prevented him from leaving Ashraf and he wouldn’t have had a better fate than that of his sister. We wanted the return of our children – Somayeh a 17 year old girl and Mohamamd a 15 year old boy- who had taken to Iraq for a short trip. Is it a crime?

Before the issue of our first statement on August 27th, 2006, we tried to contact all supporters or members of MKO whether by phone or by person some offered their sympathy but didn’t dare to accompany with us. Some told us to keep quiet since the regime would abuse the situation. Some of them closed the doors to us after so many years of friendship. We asked, requested, and insisted them to ask MEK to return our Somayeh to us in a friendly way.

We didn’t like to be on top of the news like any other family. Our children didn’t like to be represented in mass Medias. The only people who like to be on the top of news on the antennas are those who have political objectives struggling for power or those who have a complex to get themselves known. None of the leaders of MKO listened to us. The only message we received was the snicker that “they can’t do anything”. We are nothing but we are parents who are worried about the future of our children.

Some of our close relatives who are MKO’s members persuaded Mohammad to run away because his father (me) is “the regime’s agent” instead of trying to solve our problem in a friendly way via talks. why didn’t they call me” the regime’s agent” when I raised money with Somayeh in the cold or hot weather in the streets? When we weren’t the agent of regime but their honor!?

How do you claim to struggle for democracy while you don’t hear the words of one of your own activists?

To which freedom or democracy movement your action adopts? We’ve learned in Canada that the first step towards democracy is to listen to each and every person’s words.

If the representative of MEK had visited us during the years from 2003 to 2007, would any thing have happened to MKO‘s credit? Or it would increase their credit due to their tolerance for listening to others. We haven’t found Somayeh in the streets and we can’t keep quiet for ever. But we have already stated that any political responsibility and exploitation of IRI is in MKO’s charge because they refused any possibility to talk. They prevented us from visiting our daughter freely. We have also stated that we don’t see any obstacle in order to publish MKO’s documents since it was a way MKO chose but they didn’t win and paternal emotions changed everything.

What Did Mujahedin do with us?

We have lived in Canada for years. We got refugee there in the fear of Islamic Republic .we have been more active than any other MKO supporter, there.

They brought Somayeh to their TV on August 20th, 2006 to accuse us of being regime’s mercenary. What a nice and great lesson to consolidate familial emotions.

They brought her to their TV again on Dec.8th 2007 and called her as a Mujahed so that she insulted us because we had prevented her from struggling against IRI.

You attacked us once in Ashraf in 2004 in front of my son’s eyes. You hit me so I had to go to Americans and ask them to help me to release my son and be their guest as a Canadian citizen.

Why did you attackus on Dec7,2007 and try to kidnap us?

Why do you want to dissuade us from looking for our child with labeling

us as mercenaries?

You boycotted our family after Mohammad returned home in 2004. Then you started your insults and propaganda against us in your various websites and TV channels and never let us to respond and clarify everything for the audience.

You forced three members of our family who are also your victims to publish statements against us.

You reported to Canadian security organization and police about us.

You threatened Mohamamd that if he says anything you will kill him. But your deciet had no function because Mohammad has begun speaking out.

Is it freedom loving to bring out large propaganda against a labor family? Is threatening my family along with your struggle to liberate Iranian people?

Why do you panic talking?

Which struggle are you talking about?

You haven’t had any news of your main leader Masud Rajavi since four years ago!

You haven’t fired even one gun for four years.

You only shot your hatred against your opponents with insults! Mohammad says:”Masud has always told in the meetings that if the US invaded Iraq we would defend ourselves.” Well did you defend? You just left our children alone and ran away.

Mohammad says:” when the American forces were close to us, the low ranking members started to shoot them but the commandants shouted:” don’t shoot. ‘’ And now you haven’t shot for four years.

We are not politicians and we don’t have the science either but is the absence of the leader of a political and military organization after the American invasion, normal? The taking of Reza Shah and Mohammad Reza Shah was an example of such a way.

In Iraq where Saddam Hussein’s sons are found and killed in exchange for 15 million dollars and the whole Baath authorities and Saddam‘s assistants are imprisoned or executed, do you need any political science to know that it is not normal that Masud Rajavi is living in his anti-bomb palace in Jalula using his dirty political deals of which our people have always been the victims. ?

Saddam’s power in the political transactions and his benefit in the region were finished. Now how Mostafa and Mahboube Mohammadi and their three children who do construction works to survive without begging dastard, can make a scratch in MEK who view themselves as the biggest Iranian Opposition? Mohammadi family doesn’t have any money to support Canadian politicians to gain their support what Mujahedin did to get the Iraqi visa to take our Somayeh to Iraq and didn’t wait for two months.

For God’s sake tell these people who are proud of their links with Western and American MPs, ”how can Mohammadi Family cause a problem in the regional relation where US, Britain, Saud Arabia, Iran, Jordan and Turkey are involved?

Are Mujahedin telling a lie or is Mohammadi a Superman?

The replacements of prime ministers during Shah’s era which were supported by American and British forces couldn’t prevent the revolution and the release of Mujahedin by people from the prisons.

Masud and Maryam Rajavi,

The problem is not Mostafa Mohammadi or Somayeh but you are the problem because you are selfish and enjoy the bloodshed of thousands of people in order to achieve the power. The problem is Masud Rajavi who doesn’t relinquish any deal to gain the government.

The problem is the ruling system of MKO that has got the control of thoughts of the members.

It is not possible for MKO to continue their financial activities to raise money without showing the manipulated people of Ashraf.

Right or Wrong.

The story of Somayeh is that of right and wrong. The story of the legality of family against those who don’t worth family.

Those who collapse a family under an order and think that the only condition for victory is linking the leadership. Such families spend their day and night with the hope of a miraculous order of leader and victory. But the leader has escaped from the scene. He supposed the supporters as stupids who never ask where he is because the regime would exploit the case.

When there is the case of MKO they let themselves ask any state for help but when the case is a family you should fight against IRI.

MKO’s victory and fall of IRI has no benefit for us except to express our happiness for our expatriates who have been far from us for years.

Our children have been captured in MKO’s evil hands for years. They don’t have any freedom. They are in Ashraf prison. You kept all the talks closed. So you have no way except liberating Somaye , then you can ask us to fight for you.

The organization whose survival depends on Somayeh’s stay shows its discredit and mercenary system.

If the roots of the tree are deep in the soil, it isn’t scared of any wind or storm since after the winter, the spring comes and the blossoms will flourish.

The people will win the Mujahedin. The right always wins the wrong.

Mohammadi Family

Baqdad – Ashura – 2008

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