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Iraq Not Place to Raid Neighbors

A member of Iraqi parliament criticizes the Turkish incursion against PKK rebels in northern Iraq, stressing that Iraq’s territories should not be used to attack neighboring countries.

“Before attacking northern Iraq, Turkey was supposed to attempt resolving the crisis by exercising the bilateral cooperation and diplomatic measures to prevent PKK from threatening Turkey’s security, a crucial measure that has regrettably not adopted,”said Abdul Aziz Al- Enzi, an Iraqi MP on Sunday evening to Alalam TV.

He said that Iran has also expressed concerns over ‘Mujahedin Khalgh’ an Iranian opposition terrorist group (MKO) to employ Iraq’s territories to target some ends in Iran.

“Iraqi government should adopt swift measures to resolve this crisis,”he said. Al- Enzi stressed that any delay in resolving the MKO terrorists and PKK rebels’ crisis would have negative affect on Iraq- Turkey and Iraq- Iran ties.

“Iraq’s Foreign Ministry should try to find a way out of this crisis to avoid such accidents with the adjacent countries,”he added.

Al- Enzi rejected any rumors, saying,”Iraqi President Jalal Talabani has demanded Turkish government to suppress the PKK in northern Iraq,”stressing that the president strongly respects Iraq’s sovereignty.

He pointed out that the US has double standard policy towards Iraqi armed insurgents and US troops protect some armed militants such as the PKK rebels and MKO terrorists.

“Iraqi government is not able to resolve the crisis of the armed groups, because it has not power to control the whole country,”he concluded.

 alalam-February 25, 2008

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