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No Place for MKO in New Iraq

"There will be no place for terrorists in the new Iraq and we have considered rules and regulations on the way of treating those who have been involved in the killing of Iraqis," Shirvan al-Vaeli, Iraq’s national security minister said in an interview with al-Vatan Al-Kuwaitiah.

Asking for the exchange of intelligence between the neighboring countries, Vaeli said: "we believe that regional terror threatens us and that we should form a regional security system with neighboring countries. They should exchange their intelligence so that we can be safe from the common threat of terrorism."

"I met Iranian and Kuwaiti officials in my office and I talked about forming an operational workshop. On the other hand, this issue was discussed in prime minister’s and defense minister’s visits to Saudi Arabia and Kuwait. We should form a network to fight terrorism," he said.

Iraqi minister said: "there are several armed groups in Iraq and the region. A special committee has been formed in this regard to investigate the issue. There’s no doubt that there will no place for terrorists in new Iraq. We have rules and regulations on how to treat those who have been involved in killing Iraqis."

Sot Al-Iraq –  2006/08/10

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