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Nejat Society’s Announcement No.2

Following the call for gathering documents relating the cooperation and sympathy of Rajavi’s Cult and Saddam Hussein’s dictatorship, published by NejatNGO on April 6th, unbelievably, we received hundreds of valuable papers which were mostly emailed by Kurdish organizations. The documents that have been translated to Persian present evidences of MKO’s war crimes during its two-decade presence in Iraq. These undeniable and legal documents were also confirmed by Nejat Society’s international lawyers in Europe.

Among the documents sent to Nejat NGO, you can view an important one which indicates the deep scandal of an anti Iranians cult. The paper explains that Iraqi Intelligence Service under Saddam Hussein, in a brief letter to Saddam Hussein’s office, providing a description on MKO, declares that Mujahedin-e-Khalq applied for logistical equipments and facilities and Oil! In the third paragraph of the letter quoting MKO, it is clearly written that "MKO is ready to operate special operations against security and military aims in Iranian frontier provinces!


(To view the original and translated letter click here)


Call for cooperation

All the correspondence concerning this case exist, but only the report that MKO had provided Saddam’s office and was attached to this letter has been lost. Therefore, appreciating the cooperation of all our compatriots on this issue; we should be pleased to receive the original document of MKO’s report at Nejat NGO’s email address.

Being sure of the objective we have in mind and the way we are succeeding to achieve it, relying on suffered families of MKO’s members, mentally and physically captured in the bars of Rajavi’s cult, we promise their freedom although we deeply believe that we have to work hard. We also believe that we will be successful.


Nejat Society

August 5th, 2006

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