MKO’s New Cause of Anger

The recently published book Mojahedin Khalq Organization; Arising & the End is a celebrated and collective work of some Iranian researchers unveiling many facts on the formation and activities of MKO. The three volumes work is mainly a research based on existing evidences many of which are included. The work is so telling that Mojahedin lost their rag and could keep silent no more.

Mojahedin-run TV station in its weekly “Direct Contact” program attended by two vehement Mojahedin propagandists, Mohammad-Ali Tawhidi and Hamid Assadyan, tried to justify what they referred to as distorted facts in the books. A documentary work to answer many questions formed in the minds of the sympathizers seems to be more hazardous than an activated time-bomb. Following their past method of responding to facts revealed about the organization, the two propagandists referred to the books as an act of Iran’s security system to counteract Mojahedin’s activities, a blacklisted terrorist group trying to posture as the main Iranian resisting group and threat against the ruling system. –  10/08/2006

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