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A British MP who presumes to know better than most Iranians what is best for Iran

Sheda Vasseghi of World Tribune criticizes an MKO supporter, British MP for Northampton South

Brian Binley and Mojahedin Khalq

for his passionate support for the Terrorist destructive cult of Mujahedin Khalq and his impudence to choose for Iranians’ future:

It is curious when non-Iranian politicians such as a British Member of Parliament, who are naturally working for the interests of their own country, suggest that those of Iranian descent and experts in Iranian history are wrong about Iran’s affairs.
It is unclear whether Mr. Brian Binley is actually ignorant of the facts, in denial, or simply trapped in the British colonial mentality in rejecting that times have changed!

Recently, Mr. Binley wrote an article entitled “Binley: Obama must support Iranian democracy movement,” published in the Washington Times in support of the Islamo-Marxist cult the People’s Mojahedin (PMOI) as a viable alternative for the Iranian people.
The PMOI is a cult that is still listed as a terrorist group by the U.S. State Department. It has been enjoying the millions of dollars that Saddam Hussein poured into their bank accounts during the 1980’s as he planned his bloody invasion of Iran. My recent article entitled “The People’s Mojahedin of Iran is not who the Iranian people have been waiting for” included documentation for the assessment PMOI is a terrorist organization and reasons why the majority of Iranians reject PMOI’s attempts to portray itself as a legitimate opposition to the Islamic Republic.

In response to my subsequent objections to Mr. Binley’s Washington Times article sent by email to his office, Mr. Binley stated that the PMOI has “vowed to work for a democratic and free Iran.” Mr. Binley rejects the “claim that the group is anti-democratic,” and further does not think that my exposing the PMOI as terrorists is “helping the situation in Iran by perpetuating lies.”

Here, I will offer an official response to Mr. Binley and thereby attempt to further awaken my fellow Iranians and Americans as to the very dangerous situation to which some of the Western politicians are subjecting the global community:
The 21st century Iran is no longer the backwards country of the early 1900’s under the incompetent and ignorant Qajar dynasty readily influenced by the British and Russian powers.

Vasseghi asserts that as a terrorist designated cult-like group, MKO is never considered democratic:
Further, in the Age of Information and Internet, regular folks from around the world have access to facts, information, and documents, and are very well-versed in technology and literacy. They are perfectly capable of identifying a rotten egg as a rotten egg!

In your email response in defense of the terrorist PMOI group, you wrote: “First of all, I recognise that the PMOI does have a history of terrorist activity, but I equally recognise that the British High Court has stated that they ceased to be a terrorist organisation in 2002 when they vowed to work for a democratic and free Iran.”

As fully discussed in my earlier article regarding PMOI mentioned above, the U.S. still lists PMOI as a terrorist group based on its militant culture, past terrorist activities and political mission statement. Further, a cult based on theocracy (Islamic, in this case) is the complete opposite of a “democracy” as they categorically and by name exclude those who do not believe in their core values. A cult that has already elected from among its members a future ”president” for the Iranian people has clearly excluded the concept of democracy and freedom.

The author also disputes Binely’s comparing MKO with Irish Republican army that could reach a peaceful agreement with Britain.  Ms. Vasseghi asserts:

In your second point in defense of promoting a terrorist group, you wrote: “I would point out that we in this country have a record of terrorism in Northern Ireland but we actually talk to those people and came to a more peaceful conclusion than what would otherwise have been the case had we not done so.”

Mr. Binley, please, you are comparing apples and oranges. Your comment only proves that some British politicians are willing to work with terrorists at the expense of the general public to further short-term political agenda and interests.
To respond Binely’s claim based on Vasseghi’s being “a liar and a danger to Iran’s struggle for freedom and democracy”, she writes:

Iranians are not concerned with terrorist activities of other governments in other countries. It is irrelevant to their current struggle and national interest. Overall, in response to my objection to your Washington Times article which included documentation on my part, you provided no evidence for calling me a liar and a danger to Iran’s struggle for freedom and democracy.

Mr. Binley, your baseless and ridiculous comments for standing by the PMOI as a democratic-loving group only proves that either you do not know the definition of a democracy and the conditions needed for providing it, or assume that the general public is ignorant of such matters. ..

In your concluding remarks, Mr. Binley, you state, “I personally don’t think you are helping the situation in Iran by perpetuating lies, many of which have been promoted by the [Islamic Republic] regime themselves.”

Given that your response contains no evidence countering my objections to PMOI’s terrorist status, it only highlights the terrifying situation the people of the Free World are facing. Either politicians such as you are ignorant of the facts…

Your attempts to legitimize PMOI and your personal reasons for doing so are irrelevant to Iranians at this time. … Regardless of some non-Iranian politicians’ unwillingness to accept reality or believing they could continue their misguided and manipulative ways, times have changed!

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