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Nejat Society’s Announcement NO.1

The terrorists who were camping in Iraq under the favor of the charities of Saddam Hussein’s regime and made their living by Iraqis and Iranians’ blood; after the fall of their god- father and commandant ,since three years ago, are trying to remove Saddam from their face pretending that they didn’t attend any crime of dictator regime’s crime! Therefore, since thousands of documents remained from anti human regime of Saddam declare the cooperation of MKO with Istikhbarat and Mukhaberat of the former regime of Iraq; we are supposed to write a book on this issue.

Thousands of documents found after the fall of Saddam, denounce that the Liberation Army and military Operations of MKO in Iraq, were just a cover on the intelligence and espionage role of MKO; the documents show that the principal power of MKO was lead along with the objectives of Iraqi Dictator and Liberation Army was gathered in a camp just as noses to justify their presence in Iraq. The documents declare that the MKO has been a branch of Iraqi Intelligence Service and denounce the repeated meetings of MKO’s Central Committee specially Masud Rajavi with Intelligence officials in order to receive funds and facilities and military permissions and to transfer intelligence experiences, cooperation and programming  on common cases” . These are only small parts of mentioned documents.

To enlighten the minds of current generation and future generation, Nejat Society is going to publish a book on the collected documents.

Nejat Society believes in its lightening way and feels a great engagement to Iranians. 

We are sure that we can enrich our book with the cooperation and sympathy of lovers of Iran from all over the world. Therefore we request our friends to send us any document they own on the following issues or any thing they have seen are heard while they had a relation with the MKO:

1.     Organizing Mukhaberat and Istikhbarat of Iraqi dictatorship

2.     Organizing Intelligence Headquarter of MKO

3.     Members + responsibilities + instructions

4.     Sources and facilities network in or out of Iraq.

5.     Contacting with Mujahedin in France or Jordan

6.     Contents of the confidential contract between MKO and Iraqi Intelligence Service in order to have mutual cooperation

7.     Placement of MKO in the relations of Mukhaberat and Istakhbarat.

8.     Liaison members of MKO with Iraqi Intelligence Service and their responsibilities.

9.     Common Operations of MKO and Istikhbarat

10. Exploitation of MKO by Iraqi Intelligence Service as a Resource Network in or out of Iraq (Europe or America)

11. MKO and abusing the Oil “food program of UN

12.  Foreign purchase of Iraqi fascist government while Sanction Period

13. Development and continuation of MKO’s intelligence forces and the remaining elements of Ba’thist Intelligence in Iraq and Europe

14. Common missions of MKO and Iraqi Intelligence Service to suppress Iraqi people (suppressing Kurds in North and Shiites in South and imprisoning and torturing dissatisfied Mujahedin)

In advance, we appreciate all the efforts of the ones who help us to arrange this book sending us their documents.

Nejat Society

Political Committee

April, 2006      

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