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Nejat Society’s Announcement No.3

The so called sectarian NCRI claimed that the offices of Nejat Society in Iran forced the families of Ashraf residents, threatening them and putting pressureNejat Society announcement No.3 on them, to go to Iraq and make their children leave Camp Ashraf and return to Iran.

NCRI also claimed that families are told to sign pre-written letters addressed to the International Committee of Red Cross, adding that Nejat Society threatened a family to death because they refused the cooperation.

Nejat Society would like to inform the patriotic and broad-minded people:

The honorable families of Nejat are some of the most respectable  and faithful Iranians who never believe in the terrorist destructive cult of MEK traitors who have a black file of assassinations and spying as Saddam Hussein’s accomplice during the 8 years of Iran-Iraq war.

The slogans like “Down with terrorism “, “there is no good or bad terrorism” , “ leave our children “  and the self-will slogans “ Down with Rajavi” which are chanted  by the families in their gatherings proves their hatred towards MKO cult .

 Having enjoyed the motivation and eagerness of these families, Nejat Society succeeded to return more than 600 of the innocent beloved ones who defected from the hypocrite cult, to the warm embrace of their families and their mother land, Iran of where you are the worst traitor who serve as spies for the United States.

There is no need for Nejat Society to threaten the families or to force them to cooperate with it.

In fact, the respectful families, themselves ,asking for the release of their deceived children captured in Ashraf prison, have an active role in Nejat Society activities.

It is that the cult of Rajavi speaks of the same families whose deceived children were forced to insult their parents or to spit at them and to slap them on the face when had gone to Camp Ashraf to visit them.

Mr. Masud Rajavi,

The families , personally ,in their own style and with their good nature, write the letters to ICRC from their cities or towns. They, personally, bear the difficulties of traveling to submit their complaints to international community.

Speaking of threat to death, you might mean the Mustafa Muhammadi family who were so severely beaten by your bully agents in front of Ashraf until the American forces came saved them from your hands.

Nejat Society including the honorable families of captives of Camp Ashraf is decided to continue its activities until the release of their children to have a free will to choose by their own. MEK cult can not prevent the residents of Ashraf from visiting their families (with lying, threatening and concealment) any more. They can no more tell the members falsely that some of their family members have died in order to kill their will to contact their families.

In Mujahedin’s opinion, the families are refused as poison but in Nejat Society ‘s idea ,the families are the oppressed ones whose children have been manipulated under destructive indoctrinations of Masud Rajavi for three decades and that’s why they have not been able to contact their families.

The same indoctrinations forbid any family relationship or marriage in Ashraf base and force the married ones to divorce and leave their children in the poisonous orphan houses of the cult in Europe. No child has been born in Camp Ashraf for twenty years now.

The announcement of the secretariat of NCRI is another scandal due to their narrow – mindedness. They are still dreaming their mirage.  

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