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Nejat Society Announcement on Camp Ashraf Clashes

The clashes between Iraqi security forces and Camp Ashraf residents on Friday April8, can beNejat Society Announcement on Camp Ashraf Clashes analyzed from several points of view. Either the act of Iraqi forces was aimed to set up a new station or to put pressure on the cult leaders to leave Iraq, MKO leaders should take the responsibility of the incidents because:

1. The opposition of Iraqi people and government against MKO presence in their territory is legal and reasonable regarding the MKO’s influential and active role in the massacre of Iraqi Kurds and Shiites in Saddam’s era.

2. Considering the fact that Ashraf residents are neither considered political refugees nor forth Geneva Convention applies to them, their presence in Iraq is definitely illegitimate.

3. Having morphed into a destructive cult, MKO is no more a political-military organization and Camp Ashraf has become one of its basic principles. Like many other cults, the camp is the container that keeps the cult members in and deprives them from all their basic human rights.

On April8th before dawn, forcing two members to commit suicide, MKO leaders make two hundred of the Camp residents attack Iraqi forces with iron hook and rocks in order to pave the way for the presence of American forces in the Camp.

Outside the gates of Camp Ashraf, families of Ashraf residents are picketing waiting for their children who are not allowed by the cult leaders to visit their parents. These families are eager to see their loved ones rather than getting the news of their death or injury.

Unfortunately, the cult leaders do not care about people’s rights or freedom. They force some of the cult members to involve in clashes and some others who do not obey the cult leaders’ slang are made scapegoats in bloody clashes. This way, dissident members are eliminated.

Families neither confirm nor deny the number of killed members published by the cult but they ask Iraqi government to remove labyrinth of bars in Camp Ashraf in order to make the cult leaders engaged in providing the residents the chance to visit their families and choose their own fate whether they want to leave or they stay in the cult.

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