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America to give Iraqi nationality to Mujahedin Terrorist

U.S. promises to elements of the MKO to secure the survival of them in Iraq through the issuance of their certificates of Iraqi nationality.

Sources close to the MKO activists declared in Paris that the leadership of the Organization received promises from the United States to secure their protection in Iraq, especially in Camp Ashraf, despite its decision to hand over the security file of the Status of the Ashraf camp to government forces recently.

The sources revealed that the U.S. is supposed to prevent any attempts the Iraqi authorities might make to crack down on the movement and activity of MKO in Iran, and prevent any attempt to arrest or extradite any of the elements of this terrorist organization to the Iranian authorities.

The sources said that leaders of the organization had told their forces in Ashraf camp that U.S. personnel said they promised to work to ensure the issuance of certificates of nationality and the nationality of an Iraqi organization’s members who are in Iraq, particularly those who master the language of Iraq, in order to keep them in Iraq and In the "components” of security, military and intelligence officers working under the supervision of U.S. military officers in Iraq.

It is worth mentioning that the U.S. occupying forces have kept MKO under protection in Iraq for the last five years in an attempt to benefit from these MKO members to put pressure on the Islamic republic and to launch spying activities and even military action against Iran. Washington’s trying to destabilize Iran’s internal security.

It is unclear how the U.S. will issue certificates of Iraqi nationality for the elements of this terrorist organization.

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