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Who benefits from America’s support for terrorist MKO

Who benefits from America’s support for terrorist Mojahedin Khalq Organisation (Rajavi Cult)?

It is not a secret that America has recently helped some of the smuggling gangs and terrorist cults, which have been denounced over the years throughout the civilized world, in an attempt to put more pressure on Iran to stop enriching Uranium.

The most recent support for Jondollah, which claimed the recent killings in Baluchestan province of Iran (attacking schools, etc), came in a live interview with Abdolmalek Rigi the head of Jondollah broadcast by Voice of America.

Link to the related article (Persian)


And the comments of American officials about the controversial Camp Ashraf (still run by the Rajavi cult and protected by the US Army in Iraq) given to CNN correspondent, leave not much question about direct support and protection given to MKO (Rajavi cult), which has been responsible for scores of murders across the globe by the order and support of Saddam Hussein.

The article, written by Michael Ware, CNN, April 05, 2007 is titled:

U.S. protects Iranian opposition group in Iraq





Ambassador Javad Zarif (representative of Islamic Republic of Iran in United Nations) was interviewed by Asia Source on April 21, 2007.


Part of the interview reads:

"Is Hamas a terrorist organization?


Is Hezbollah?

No. Let ‘s stop here. The majority – you don’t need to ask me this question – the majority of the international community does not regard these two organizations to be a terrorist organization. Now the question that can be asked from the United States is why is it cooperating with organizations that it considers to be terrorists? Now the majority of the world do not believe that Hezbollah or Hamas are terrorist organizations. Hamas and Hezbollah are official political parties with seats in the parliament. Hamas won the majority, which the United States did not like and the United States has boycotted Hezbollah ministers in the Lebanese Parliament simply because it doesn’t like them. Now the US or Israel labeling an organization "terrorist", that organization which is involved in legitimate resistance to foreign occupation, that organization does not then automatically become terrorist. Go look at the international community. This is the problem of the US equating itself with the international community again and again. But the question that needs to be asked is the behavior of the United States vis-à-vis organizations that it considers to be terrorists. Why is it cooperating with them?

Which organizations are you thinking of?

I’m referring to MEK [Mujahideen-e-Khalq], for instance, in Iraq that the United States is actually supporting and signing agreements with. Would the United States accept any country providing the Fourth Geneva Convention protection to Al Qaeda which is another universally recognized terrorist organization? So terrorism should not become a label, a convenient label for dealing with your adversaries. You’ve got to have objective criteria. Apply those objective criteria and deal with them accordingly."


It seems once again the ball has landed permanently in the court of Bush administration to come up with an answer.

Iran Interlink, April 21, 2007

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