Another MKO Member Leaves Detention

We were informed that Marzieh Ghorsi (also known as Arezou), after years of forced staying in Camp Ashraf, has left the cult of Rajavi and is now living in US-run camp; according to her parents, she has called her parents from American camp and her parents are very happy.

It should be noted that her departure from the terrorist cult of Rajavi is a result of close cooperation, interaction and communication of her parents with Nejat Association in Western Azerbaijan province. There’s no doubt that her parents’ efforts to save her from the cult should be appreciated.

Nejat Association in Western Azerbaijan province congratulates Ms. Ghorsi’s family on her freedom from the cult.

We hope to see the freedom of all other members from Rajavi’s cult and their return to their families in the near future.


Nejat Society, Western Azerbaijan province,April 12, 2006


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