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Stop taking our beloveds as hostages!

On Sunday March 2nd, a meeting was held by Nejat Society Gilan Branch, in Rasht, where a lot of families of Nejat Society attended to represent their determination to save their beloved ones from camp Ashraf and stop taking them as hostages by MKO Cult.  The meeting began with the speeches of Mr. Ebrahim Khodabande, a former political activist of MKO in England. He described the studies made on cults during years, stressing that all the cults have the same nature in brainwashing and psychologically manipulating of the members, forcing them to divorce, separating the children from their parents.     

Mr. Arash Sametipour, the former member of MKO’s operational teams mentioned the presence of families in Iraq to visit their children citing the story of a mother who was desirous to visit her son in Camp Ashraf but found him as a robot without any feeling. She became assured that the manipulation system in the organization is very somplicated. She decided to rescue her son by the help of international human right organizations.

Sametipour also introduced Sahar Family Foundation which was recently founded by former MKO members from Canada, England and US, in Baqdad, in order to aid all families whose loved ones are captured in Camp Ashraf.

At the end, Marjan Malek, a former member of MKO military teams addressed the meeting, describing how she could save her two daughters pursuing the case with the help of Holland authorities.

Mr. Fadaiee Kowsari also talked of his trip to Bagdad a few years ago and his determination to link families with their children.

The meeting ended with the appreciations made by families.

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