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Save children from the cult abuse

Children are the most vulnerable victims to cults’ abuses and even in this modern world and in the heart of countries enthusiastically battling for the revival of the human rights we witness instances of children’s abuses by cults freely acting before the eyes and even protection of the law.  It was only yesterday that the news came out with the reports of the removal of an additional 85 children from a polygamist remote compound Ranch of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, a breakaway Mormon sect, bringing the total to 137 survivors. Officially released, State troopers, Texas Rangers and investigators from Child Protective Services raided the ranch on Thursday night to serve search and arrest warrants after a 16-year-old girl complained of sexual and physical abuse within the cult.  It is not the first and will not be the last report of the children being abused by a cult. Mojahedin-e Khalq Organization (a.k.a. MKO, MEK, PMOI, NCRI), a globally blacklisted terrorist cult, has long abused children and has separated them from their parents sending them to many countries far from their parents to live with foster-parents or in orphanages in an attempt to force their parents stay with the organization. In fact, in this form of manipulation, children were abused as hostages whose destiny is now unknown even to their parents.  Batul Soltani, an ex-member, was a member of the Leadership Council of the MKO who left the organization in 2006. She is the mother of two children taken away from her long ago. In an interview with SFF, she briefly talked of what has happened to her and her children: My name is Batul Soltani daughter of Morteza. I was born in 1965 in Iran and at the moment I live in Baghdad. I married Mr Hosein Moradi in Iran in 1986 and then we moved to Pakistan the same year. There we were recruited into the MKO and the next year, which is 1987, we were ordered to go to Iraq. In 1991 we were separated by the order of the organisation and yet again by their order our children were taken away from us and sent to Europe. My husband and I initially resisted these orders and did not wish to either be separated from each other, nor to abandon our children, but we were put under enormous psychological pressure and we were forced to submit to their demands.  My daughter Hajar Moradi was born in Pakistan in 1987 and my son Mi’ad was born in Iraq in 1991. In the year 1991 while Hajar was 5 years old and Mi’ad was 6 months old, they were separated from us – after we were forcibly separated from each other – and they were sent to Europe. They did not allow us to have any contact with them at all. I still remember my daughter crying hard as she was leaving me. And the innocent face of my six months’ old son is always before my eyes.  Many years later I found out that my daughter had been given to a family in the south of Sweden with the fake name of Setareh Khabbazan, and she is now studying in a university in the north of that country. My son was taken to Holland by a family and later moved to another family and eventually was left in an orphanage and now he lives in a care centre for youth in Holland. I do not have any further trace of them and do not even know if they know me at all. The MKO would not give me any addresses and I have no means to contact my children.  Has any child protective organization ever investigated MKO for countless instances of child abuses and unknown destiny and whereabouts of about 800 taken apart children? Not talking of many sons and girls whose parents are impatiently looking over the walls of Camp Ashraf, located in a remote desert in Iraq, to see them unbound. Being known as a destructive terrorist cult, MKO is a big threat for the global peace and its own insiders. It is a responsibility on humanitarian bodies to intervene before it is too late. 


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