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Beware of a Cult’s Abuse of Propaganda

MKO terrorist cult abuses the power of propaganda to raise public prestige

Nobody can deny the power of propaganda as a relevant and effective tool to convince people to do what the exercisers like them to. But it becomes a much threatening and dangerous approach if abused by a terrorist cult for a sham demonstration of public support or attempts at mobilizing it, particularly after a total fall in the aftermath of a full scale violent and terrorist campaign. That is the approach adopted by MKO, Mujahidin Khalq Organization, after it failed to overthrow the Iranian regime through decades-lasted armed warfare that led to countless deaths from among Iranian people. Now active in Western counties under a pro-democratic disguise, MKO is on a regular move of expensive propaganda campaign to muster support to be cleaned of its flagrant past and to buy a forged prestige. An example is the group’s highly propagated gathering on 22 June in Villepinte, Paris, by hiring big crowds and speakers as supporters and advocates.

These are good historical evidences to prove the simplicity of considering MKO as devotee of freedom and democracy. Discrepancy between chanted mottos and actual practice of democracy is a product of disapproving the democracy itself. To bring off democracy, mottos should tally with practices. MKO’s fierce campaign in the past well depicts the wrong direction that the group had taken for the cause of democracy. How can it claim to be following the principles of democracy when the very same president-elect of the group, Maryam Rajavi, is elected through no social and inter-organizational voting but appointed by her despot husband, Massoud Rajav? The autocratic structure of MKO’s leadership has discredited it to a kind of Stalinist dictatorship. Thus, how can MKO guarantee that it wouldn’t adapt claims of democracy for practice of autocracy?

That is precisely correct to say those who struggle for democracy cannot be terrorists because democracy absolutely discards any form of violence. But violence has been an innately distinguished feature of MKO from its very formation. The key solution to accomplish organizational and ideological achievements was believed to be through practice of violence, the lack of which led any struggle for democracy and freedom to total failure.

The advocates of MKO, particularly those hired for the June gathering, are well aware that the group is at the pass of a critical juncture and in need of applicable instruments and whoever and whatever help and offer to survive. We do not know exactly how much each hired speaker and advocate were paid, but they, for sure, and we know that the great challenge the world faces today is terrorism and MKO has so far failed to prove any commitment to democracy. In representing definitions of democracy, MKO oversteps those of the West. By drilling its exaggeratedly theorized democracy into the West, the group reminds the West that it has a rather more enormous capacity to overshoot the Western adopted democracy. At the same time, it has not the least respect for democracy to practice it, not even in its primitive form, neither for the insiders nor for the outsiders.

Nowhere can you find so ruthless methods of brainwashing put into practice under the cover of democracy as within MKO. The fact is that MKO is innately a terrorist group, regardless of its de-proscription, and its attempts to hold at democracy never wash its hands off its past crimes. Through the power of propaganda, MKO strives to convince the world that it has increased supports as Iran’s legitimate opposition and the sole alternative to the current ruling power in Iran. Facts are stubborn things and MKO, a typical of absolute hypocrisy and duplicity, is on a regular path of endless plots to fool the world.

Neither have we believed MKO struggles for a secular, democratic, and non-nuclear republic in Iran, as it circulates, nor have the claimed advocates any trust for such a capacity in MKO. Even if thousands of supporters, as MKO brags, gather to chant over and over that the group has shifted to democracy and has denounced terrorism, we can believe it only if a leopard can change its spots, as people say. Even worse, the underlying, serious problem is that a terrorist group has transformed into a dangerous cult of personality. And what a horrible nightmare may haunt societies where a terrorist cult abuses the power of propaganda.

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