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Nazi Biglari’s interview with Rayan Crocker

An extract of Nazi Biglari’s interview with Rayan Crocker American Ambassador in Bagdad, Nazi Biglari: there are two Iranian dissident groups in Iraq: Mujahedin-e-Khalq and the Kurds of Iraqi Kurdistan. Do the Americans have any links with these two?  Rayan Crocker ;American Ambassador in BagdadRayan Crocker: we consider MKO as a terrorist group. They killed American military officials in Tehran and were a part of Saddam’s intelligence service. Everything is clear. We oppose all terrorist organizations whoever and wherever they are.  Nazi Biglari: what will you do with the Mujahedin Khalq in Camp Ashraf? Jalal Talebani has called them terrorist group and said that their presence in Iraq is illegal.  Rayan Crocker: this is a crucial question and we are negotiating the case with Iraqi administration. If they are supposed to leave Iraq, they should have a destination that should be designated.   March 4th,2008  Translation: Nejat Society

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