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Jabani in Interview with BBC

BBC’s Persian Service has conducted an interview with Mr. Massoud Jabani regarding former MKO members’ letter on MKO’s organized movements in order to defame dissidents and former members, which paves the way for Rajavi’s trained Fedayeens to assassinate them.

Interviewer: Mr. Jabani, we heard that you have received a medal from Netherlands Queen. Can you explain about it?

Massoud Jabani: Yes, it was a royal honor. They appreciated my voluntary efforts in the filed of education, culture, and society as well as fighting radicalism and violence. They also praised my “Psychology of Violence and Terror” and its translation.

Interviewer: A group of former members has recently published an open letter. What’s you opinion about it?

Massoud Jabani: I believe the more they (MKO) are isolated and the more they lose their supporters, the more violence and pressure they inflict on their defectors and dissidents. A few months ago, Mr. Shams Haeri had a meeting with a Dutch pastor. There, MKO members attacked him. If the pastor had not interfered, Mr. Haeri would have been hurt severely.

In another incident in Stockholm, MKO released announcement on which appeared the photos of Ahmadinejad and former members beside each other. MKO tried to show them as the spies of the regime.

In Köln, around Mr. Rastgou’s home, they have distributed statements among neighbors saying that Mr. Rastgou is a spy.

Accusing former members of false charges and engaging them with security police are of MKO’s tactics. They used such tactics about Mr. Farhad Javaherian in Köln.

In Netherlands, they have put Ms. Farah Karimi under heavy pressure with a wave of threatening letters and phone calls.

She has just expressed opposition to violence, chantage and insult.

Interviewer: Do you believe this is organized?

Massoud Jabani: Yes, I believe this is organized and these people have been trained in Iraq to erase their opponents.

Interviewer: what do you think can be done for countering such activities?

Massoud Jabani: I think police and authorities of hosting countries should be informed as soon as one receives threatening items. Their activities under different names should be exposed so that they are not able to play with people’s emotions.

Interviewer: Thank you. I wish you success.

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