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Interview with Yasser Ezzati

Gathering of Roshana Association before German Parliament, Federal State of NRW, Dsseldorf

– Mr. Ezzati, Can you explain why you are here?

Ezzati: We are now before the Westfalen parliament; we have gathered here to help underage people who have been brainwashed by the MKO. Even people like Turaj or Alan Mohammedi who committed suicide were sent to Iraq at the age of 13-14. We have gathered here to say that these people should talk to international organizations in a free situation. I was there and I know that the MKO puts them under pressure. These young people don’t want to stay there and I recently talked to Amir Vafa Yaghmayee- the son of Ismael Vafa Yaghmayee, member of NCRI- and he said that he is under pressure even in the US camp and he can’t speak.

– How many people are there in the US-run camp?

E: the children of MKO, I mean dissident ones in the US camp are 4. Heidar Naghash, Amir Vafa Yaghmayee, Saeed and a girl, Azadeh Boostani.

– Are you familiar with them?

E: I have lived with them, in Germany and in Camp Ashraf.

– Do you gather here to ask the parliamentarians to return those having the citizenship of Germany?

E: We want them to send a group there. Talk to the children and let the children choose between Ashraf and Europe because the MKO has limited their choice to Iran and Ashraf.

– Why did the MKO let you out but prevents them from leaving the group?

E: When I was in Ashraf I knew that Americans don’t help anyone. So I believed that escaping from Ashraf is easier. I didn’t go to the US camp and I pretended that I wanted to stay with the MKO.


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