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Nejat Society visited three defectors

In April 2008, three other defectors of MKO who were installed in TIPF, returned to Iran via International Red Cross and Red Crescent. They described their adventures with MKO in a visit with Nejat Society on April 23rd.

Mr. Nasouri who was mentally captured by MKO for 18 years:

I am Hassan Nasouri, I was born in 1963, Bushehr. I got acquainted with MKOMr. Nasouri in 1979 via journals, meetings and my friends. In 1981, when the armed struggle started, my connection was cut. In March 1988, I went to Turkey legally. Before my departure I could watch the organization’s program on their TV channel, in Bushehr. In Turkey I called the organization’s linker and asked for joining them. I could reach Iraq that June. After staying in Bagdad for a few days I arrived in Karkuk where I received military training for Chelcheragh Operation and then Eternal Light Operation. Following the operations I returned to camp Ashraf. I was tank driver in Perl Operation (in which the Iraqi Kurds were massacred in 1991) MKO used the war situation to kill the Kurds who had upraised against Saddam Hussein.

Before the American invasion my problem with MKO was focused on their ideology but I couldn’t express any opposition. We were supposed to attack Iran in case of American invasion to Iraq but instead we were absolutely submitted to Americans that caused me express my critics against MKO who was trying to find another Saddam Hussein among the Americans. Therefore, I decided to defect but I was also afraid of going to TIPF where I had a terrible imagination of. When I announced my defection they held many meetings for me during an entire month and did their best to dissuade me. Finally, I threatened them that I would escape or commit suicide or homicide and then they accepted to deliver me to Americans. At last, I could enter TIPF in the early 2007. I was in TIPF for two years and could contact my family from there and in March, 2008 I succeeded to return to Iran after 20 years.

During the period I was in MKO, I asked for contacting my family several times and I was told that it was impossible. Just two months before my defection they asked me to call my family after 18 years for the first time but later I found out that was only for recruiting new members and financial support. I told them that I had no track of my family and they brought me my family’s numbers. I wasted twenty years of my life in MKO where I saw my ideals but ultimately I figured out that MKO was not what I thought of and now, here I am in Iran and I should start from the beginning.

As a former member of MKO who has experienced the political and military stages of MKO, I believe that if the door of Ashraf was open to Europe, more than seventy percent of the members would leave the group.

I am really sure that Rajavi is well aware of such a fact so he does his best to maintain Ashraf.

In the organization, Rajavi is either a solution to problems or a problem maker. In order to show that he can solve problems, he has to work in an isolated and enclose place like Ashraf otherwise the problems are presented. He recruits the members and attracts the attention of the authorities by playing roles and even ordering the members to play roles. I can remember the time when Fariba Hashtrudi had come to Ashraf, they had done such decorations in order to satisfy her and not to show her any contradiction but they never imagined that finally there would be a day that she would stop to take look at her behind scene and leave the NCRI and finally call the MEK as liars.

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