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Bush: Thou shalt kill Iranians

US President George W. Bush has reportedly authorized a covert operation to set the stage for a military offensive against Iran. According to Counterpunch magazine, President Bush signed a secret finding in March authorizing a covert offensive against Iran, which those familiar with its contents believe to be ‘unprecedented in its scope’.  Actions permitted under the secret directive include ‘the assassination of targeted officials’ along with operations across an extensive geographic area from Lebanon to Afghanistan.  The ruling is believed to be an initiative in line with President Bush’s sweeping chief executive powers, which will enable him to arm and fund terrorist groups such as the Mojahedin Khalq Organization (MKO) and the Jundullah (army of god) militants stationed across the Afghan border in Baluchistan.  Furthermore, efforts to destabilize the Syrian government and operations against the Hezbollah Movement in Lebanon will be stepped up, the report says.  An initial outlay of $300 million has reportedly been approved to finance the implementation of the clandestine operation.  Observers believe the former Centcom Commander Admiral William Fallon, who fiercely opposed a Bush military strike on Iran, was the main obstacle in the way of Washington’s policies against the Islamic Republic.  Following Fallon’s resignation in March and with Bush’s favorite general David Petraeus set to assume his position, speculation is high that Middle Eastern nations should prepare for yet another war in the region.  May 4, 2008

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