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MKO Should Be listed a Terrorist Group

Expounded by Sattar Orangi on April 19, 2008, the poisonous Barren Land that has devastated many lives of its own inhabitants and was the main terrorist bastion in accomplice with Saddam to plot against Iranian people cannot possibly bloom flowers of peace and democracy. The piece of land the ousted dictator once granted to the vipers is still the focus of a global dispute; cooperating with Saddam Husseinironically called a city of resistance, Camp Ashraf is now the prison of about 3,500 MKO’s members who are held against their will under the protection of the coalition forces. How can a military camp that its leaders violate and disrespect all principles of freedom and democracy can be called a bastion of freedom as Brian Binley, a Member of Parliament from the British Conservative Party, claims?

In an article published in The Middle East Times, he claims that Camp Ashraf stands as a symbol of democratic freedom in the middle of Iraq’s barren land. Surprisingly, he further states that “very little has been heard here in the West about this bastion of freedom which shines as a beacon for the Iranian people and lovers of democracy worldwide. In other words we have a duty to defend and protect Ashraf not only for the sake of the Iranians who continue to oppose the evil regime in Tehran but also for our own sake”.

He might be right that little has been heard there in the West about such forlorn bastion of freedom but the torments of a remarkable number of human souls that are putting up with the most unbearable cult-like conditions and pressures within the walls of the oddest bastion of freedom is a reality no conscious soul can ever overlook. Thus, for sure some people are concerned about the plights of these enslaved human beings under the auspices of their occupying forces when their related courts decide that it would be unjust to rule in any way that might lead to the freedom of these forgotten people.

As reported by the International Herald Tribune publishing an Associated Press news release, the British Court of Appeal on Wednesday affirmed a lower court ruling that Mojahedin-e Khalq Organization (MKO/MEK/PMOI) should not be listed as a terrorist organization. Reportedly, three justices led by the Lord Chief Justice, Lord Philips, rejected an appeal by the Home Office against a lower court ruling in November in favor of the People’s Mujahedeen of Iran.

"An organization that has temporarily ceased from terrorist activities for tactical reasons is to be contrasted with an organization that has decided to attempt to achieve its aims by other than violent means," the judge said. "The latter cannot be said to be ‘concerned in terrorism,’ even if the possibility exists that it might decide to revert to terrorism in the future," he said.

Then, as the judges have concluded, the current act of inflicting unbearable torments by the organization in the question on its own insiders kept against their will in the heart of a desert can in no way be regarded an act of terrorism. They believe that MKO is terrorist only if it targets Westerners or blast bombs in their cities. A truth to be digested by the unaware is that terrorism is innate the organization’s ideology and it can never split the natural instinct off in the same way a leopard cannot change its spots.

Mojahedi.ws – May 8, 2008

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