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John Jenkins:”We too hate the MKO Terrorist group”

UK gov’t should revise antagonist stands to expand ties with Tehran – Diplomat anaging Director of IRI Foreign Ministry’s Western Europe Affairs Office emphasized here Wednesday any kind of expansion of ties with London depends on UK government’s revising of its antagonist stands regarding Iran. According to Foreign Ministry Press Department, Ali Dowlatyar made the comment in a meeting with the Head of the Middle East and North Africa Bureau of the British Foreign Office, John Jenkins.  Dowlatyar added,”Intensifying of the MKO’s recent antagonist moves, pursuing measures aimed at imposing more limitations against our country, efforts aimed at closing the branches of Bank Melli Iran (BMI) throughout Europe, Mr. Tajik’s issue, immediate extradition of Mr. Badavinejad, and other issues of such nature cannot be ignored by Tehran.”  He denounced a recent verdict issued by a British court, resorting the reasoning that the MKO terrorist grouplet has conducted no antagonist move during the course of the past few years, as a political verdict, arguing,”The great Iranian nation considers as unacceptable the double standards observed by Britain in its campaign against terrorism, regrading the recent verdict as a strongly antagonist act.”  Touching on Tajik’s issue, too, the Foreign Ministry’s Managing Director of West Europe Affairs said,”It was obvious from the beginning that Mr. Tajik’s case is a conspiracy led by the US intelligence agents, and that the matter was politically motivated.”Dowlatyar added,”There are numerous questions related to Mr.  Tajik’s case that have still remained unanswered and keeping in mind his physical conditions, and particularly his heart’s status, in addition to the nuisances and problems with which him and his family have been entangled during the past couple of months, this inhumane trend should end as soon as possible.”  Jenkins, too, said,”As the British Foreign Secretary and other high ranking UK officials have stated, the British government considers the moves made by the terrorist group (MKO), as well as the moves made by the National Resistance Council, as shameful.”The Managing Director of the British Foreign Office’s Middle East and North African Affairs Bureau emphasized,”We, too, hate the MKO terrorist group, and despite the existence of lots of differences of opinion, that is something natural in relations among countries, we favor improvement and expansion of ties with Tehran.” Tehran, July 03, 2008

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