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Nejat Society open Letter to Gordon Brown

Prime Minister Gordon Brown

10, Downing Street



Monday, July 28, 2008 Nejat Society lettr to Prime minister Gordon Brown

Mr. Prime Minister

We the undersigned, the families of the members of the Mojahedin-e Khalq Organization (MKO) who are based in the Ashraf Camp in Iraq, are seriously concerned about the recent decisions made by the British government.

Regrettably we have learned that the British government has de-proscribed the Rajavi’s terrorist cult known as the MKO after they have been listed as a terrorist group for nearly 8 years in Britain.

The consequences of this decision which has been made for political interests is that our beloved ones captured both mentally and physically in the Ashraf Camp would be used as terror tools again. This has caused all of us who are anxiously waiting for the return of our relatives for many years a grave turbulence and stress.

After the fall of Saddam Hussein, there were hopes that our children would soon achieve normal contact with the outside world and with their families and would eventually be freed. Our expectation proved to be wrong and the MKO finally managed to find a substitute for the former Iraqi dictator in the west.

We the families of the MKO members are the first people suffering from this decision since we have gone into deep worrying about the fate of our relatives. Would they be used again as terror apparatus for other people’s interests? Would their captivity in the Ashraf Camp last for a long time again?

You well know that the MKO is an established cult of personality which mentally manipulates its members. And you also know that cults need false victories in order to continue brainwashing their followers. Your government has granted this chance to the MKO leaders to keep on deceiving their members in Iraq. Our children would certainly get a wrong impression from your government’s decision. All cults also need a remote place to isolate their followers from the outside world. The facility of the Ashraf Camp which is guarded beyond the control of the Iraqi government has given the organization such opportunity. This is certainly in contradiction with the policy of war on terror.

Apart from all political issues, we would like to draw your attention to a humanitarian problem. Encouraging the MKO by such actions as de-listing them would have the following outcomes:

1. We as the families would be worried to death about the fate of our beloved ones confined in the Ashraf Camp.

2. Our children would be brainwashed more and more and would be used again in terrorist operations against ordinary people.

3. The Iranian innocent civilians would be subject to terror as before which will certainly leave many victims and casualties.

Mr. Prime Minister

We as the suffering families of the MKO members urge you to safeguard meetings between us and our relatives in the Ashraf Camp. We also demand you to make sure that the group would not use our children in terrorist activities again. You well know that there is no evidence to prove that the MKO has given up using violence to reach political goals. They have kept their army structure in Iraq and continuously have their parades and military trainings. They have even refused to publicly denounce the armed struggle and the usage of violence. They have not changed their strategy by any means. They claim that they have not launched any military actions since 2001. It is obvious that they have been incapable of doing so. Once they find the right backing they have the capacity to start using violence against civilians inside Iranian cities. At the moment they plainly look at the British government as that potential support and openly demand their weaponry to be returned to them.

What has happened under Saddam Hussein’s regime must not be repeated again. We require assurances from the British government that our children would not enter terrorist activities one more time, and if they do so we certainly would find your government responsible for it.

With Regards

Copy to:

Ambassador Jerry Adams

The British Embassy

Tehran, Iran

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