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SFF statement on controlling the Ashraf Camp

Communiqué no 3 (6 September 2008) In the past two statements, it was emphasized that the families of the members of the Mojahedin-e Khalq Organization (MKO) captured in the Ashraf military camp are demanding an urgent meeting with their beloved ones in a place other than the Ashraf camp and without the presence of any person but the members of the family and for adequate duration. They also urged the Iraqi government to fulfill its resolution on the MKO. The text of the 6 article resolution which is the last resolution ratified by the Iraqi administration is as below: In the Name of God Resolution ratified by the Iraqi Administration Number: 216, Year: 2008 The Iraqi Administration, in its 27th ordinary session held on 17th June 2008, ratified the followings: To approve the binding measures described below regarding terrorist Mojahedin-e Khalq Organization (MKO): 1. Emphasizing on past resolutions regarding the MKO as a terrorist organization and its expulsion from Iraq. 2. Putting the MKO, currently on Iraqi territory, under full control of the Iraqi government until they are expelled from the country. In this respect any interaction with them must be done according to the Iraqi laws. 3. Any interaction with the terrorist MKO by any organization or party or establishment or entity (whether Iraqi or foreigner) inside Iraq is forbidden and anyone having any interaction with them (breaching the law) is liable of being prosecuted according to the terrorist acts of the country. 4. It is essential that the multinational forces to give up the organization and hand over all check points and points of observation to the responsible Iraqi authorities. 5. Activating the judicial sentences issued against the terrorist MKO elements who have committed crimes against the Iraqi people. 6. Cooperating with the ICRC in order to find basic real solutions for the problem of the presence of the MKO in the Iraqi territory and to activate the past resolutions about their expulsion from Iraq. Ali Mohsin Ismail The General Secretary of the Iraqi Administration

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