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The Ideal Summit

Mujahedin Khalq makes  women unfertile

According to the foreign policy reporter of Fars News Agency, following the disclosing speech of Nassrin (Batoul) Ebrahimi, an ex-member of MKO’s leadership council , in European Parliament ,based on the execution of an operation called “ Ideal Summit” through which the PMOI makes the women members barren:


An ex-member of Leadership Council of PMOI who was released of Ashraf base this years, stated new facts on the way the organization makes the women in the cult unfertile. 

The “Ideal Summit” was executed following the two decades that the organization has been forcing the couples to divorce. The inhumane activities of Mujahedin Khalq were encountered by Human Rights Watch that condemned the anti-human right acts of the cult.

Mujahedin Khalq Organization, during its “Ideal Summit” operation, has made at least 150 women barren. The operation is done by a doctor named Nafiseh Badamchi, a medcine of MKO, by hysterectomy surgery.

The Ideal Summit operation is a phase that any woman in MKO has to bear in order to get linked with Maryam and Masud Rajavi.


Batul SoltaniNasrin Ebrahimi, nicknamed Batoul, who was a member of the leadership council of Mujahedin –e – Khalq and National Council of Resistance, refused to have the surgery and finally was fired by the organization.


Batoul Soltani, another former member of the Leadership Council of MKO who was based in Camp Ashraf told NPR, the governmental Radio of the US, about the other dimensions of this disastrous operation.

Soltani has had interviews with 20 journals and media around the world and discussed the execution of Ideal Summit, describing the method Nafiseh Badamchi used to do the operation.

Translation: Nejat Society

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