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Female members of MKO are made barren

Hysterectomy, the latest cult approach in Mojahedin

The ideological revolution of Mojahedin not only led the organization to the precipice of transformation into a notorious cult of personality but also brought about countless negative consequences most of which have so far remained unknown to the world outside.  Of the most inhuman, tragic cult practices carried out within the cult of Mojahedin (also known as MKO, MEK, PMOI) that might shock the modern world, among whom the group heavily propagates its pro-democratic policies, is misusing modern science to make women infertile. The disclosing speech of Nasrin Ebrahimi, the recently detached member of MKO, in the European Parliament in September 9, 2008, on the fact that female members of MKO are made barren revealed another cultic aspect of the organization. She has recently escaped from Camp Ashraf following the pressures to enforce her undergo hysterectomy. Her comments disclose another undeniable fact on the organization and which can face it with critical challenges.

For sure, even the western advocates of MKO and lobbying parliamentarians have been unaware of these inhuman and brutal actions that are only expected of ill-famed, destructive cults. As the elite of their own nations, at least they have to be concerned about the actions of the group they are lobbying for to unleash among their own people. In fact, they have to take a different look at the organization to develop a deeper understanding of the nature of MKO. Reported by Iran-Interlink quoting Ms. Ebrahimi making her speech at the European Parliament: “to kill the hope in women’s hearts the organization resorted to hysterectomy done under a variety of pretexts. At the present, more than 10 percent of MKO female members have undergone the operation”.

She further expounded that she was one of the elected victims who managed to escape before going through the surgery and urged the parliamentarians to send medical experts to do exact investigations.

Those familiar with the course of events within MKO and its cultic relations are never surprised at hearing such stated remarks since they are well aware of the fact that the ideological revolution of Mojahedin paved the way for a number of cultic practices within the organization. To name them, they are compulsory divorces, victimizing children, separating children from their families, trying to eliminate biological differences between men and women by forcing female members to carry out hard work, and now resorting to hysterectomy. 

Being an identical feature shared by most cults, MKO is unpredictable. Who knows what might be the next ruthless cultic performance kept concealed from the eyes of its advocates who are deceived by the chanted democratic slogans of MKO to be removed from the terrorist list? They have to answer this question and bear all the consequences of their blind support of MKO. They may even justify cultic behaviors of the organization under many excuses as they did following the self-immolation of a number of members in France; however, those truly seeking to defend human rights cannot ignore this cases explicitly violating human rights and have to take necessary measures to look into different dimensions of the tragedy.  

News about MKO’s recent scandal is leaked out while Maryam Rajavi seeks to introduce herself a radical feminist and the sole true defender of women rights all around the world. Furthermore, she refers to the achievements of the ideological revolution of Mojahedin as the sole solution for all the challenges met by global institutions and communities concerning women rights. Of paradoxical issues is the fact that in our modern age of communication and information the leader of a cult, under whose command women are victimized in the most barbaric and reactionary forms, makes claims to be an ardent advocate of women rights. Strangely enough, her Western protectors defend her critical role in these cultic, tragic deeds as pro-democratic practices and criticize the opponents.

Ms. Ebrahimi’s petition for more investigations on the state of victimized women in Camp Ashraf provides a chance for these advocates to reconsider their stance of unconventional support for Mojahedin. Meanwhile, it is an issue open to question that why the active ex-members and Sahar Family Foundation SFF have kept silent and been passive to cope with this unethical issue that can in itself work as an instigation to move women throughout the world.

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